Bathroom Beautiful: 5 Inspiring Styles That Can Shake Up Your Suite

Bathroom Beautiful: 5 Inspiring Styles That Can Shake Up Your Suite

Trying to decide on the right bathroom for you can be quite the task. It’s a room that you always want to get right. So, when you’re faced with a wealth of choice, it can make your decision so much harder. But that’s not all because bathrooms aren’t always a joy to transform. From trying to find cost-effective options, to avoiding issues with the installations, it’s not always a fun renovation to take on. Add to the trying to choose a look that you love, and it’s unsurprising that so many of us tend to put it off!

But sometimes, all you need is the right kind of inspiration. If you’re going to do a remodel, like the step by step approach Home Spa Select show us, you need to know what you’re working with. So here are five fabulous choices of bathroom design you could choose to do.


Perhaps you’re in love with all things modular and minimal in your home? When that’s the case, then only a modern bathroom will do for you. And you’re in luck. Because so many current bathroom suites are modern. You’ll be looking at a lot of white, clean lines, and trendy installations like automatic flushes and hidden plugs. And that should be enough to get your decor-loving heart skipping a beat.


Or maybe you want to do something a bit different? Bathroom trends often seem to go in the same way. Very white, very bright, very British. But why not try and do something that completely blows that out of the water with a beautiful Balinese bathroom? Think lots of slate, lots of warmth, and lots of serenity. A bit of bamboo and a waterfall shower later, you should feel like you’ve flown out east after every trip to the loo.


If a small slice of glamor is your guilty pleasure, then you’re going to want to inject a touch of vintage Hollywood into your washroom. It’s easy to believe that a bathroom with an air of old Hollywood glamor can look tacky, but it’s all about how you style it out. Black and white flooring tiles, a roll top bath, and a Marilyn-esque attitude is all you need to keep it classy.


Maybe you’re surrounded by stunning countryside and think of nothing worse than having a modern installation for a bathroom? When that’s the case, you need to keep things country. Lots of wood, natural features, and soft colors are going to give you that sort of rustic finish that works well in country homes. The odd animal popping up with really set of the style too.


But you may also want to take the idea of your bathroom being ruled by water and run with it? Because a beach themed bathroom always works. White lots of blue and white, sandy style colors, and an overarching nautical theme, you’ll be sure to create a classic air of the coast. The only question will be, what kind of coastline will you be looking to recreate, skipper?


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