Planning Your Ideal Getaway In Oz

Planning Your Ideal Getaway In Oz


Surprising Possibilities

If you’re already located in Australia, at some point you’ve got to do a little exploration! There are some excellent vacation destinations across this continent—and even surrounding it. Consider Lord Howe Island’s lagoon beach, or the fine walking trails that crisscross this locale. Or how about getting away from it all and taking a jaunt up Uluru rock in Alice Springs?

Some don’t realize there are even more “brisk” options available—like snowboarding. Winter sports have a toehold on the southeast part of the Australian continent, and you can find some truly worthwhile ski resorts there. Have you ever been to Thredbo?

There are a lot of options when it comes to Thredbo skiing and snowboarding – what you need to know often has a lot to do with finding the right packages; according to the site: “Thredbo ski packages offer access to lots of trails, lessons, and on-snow facilities.”

The only real difficulty is going to be budget. Even inexpensive getaways can hit you in the wallet. You want to know how much it’s going to cost to travel somewhere round trip, eat while you’re traveling, and obtain lodgings. Additionally, you want to maximize your trip by having some level of itinerary. You can just “go with the flow”, but you may end up ultimately doing very little that way.

Budgeting Your Travels

Still, all these things being considered, your first step is going to be attaining the necessary financial resources to ensure you have the most comfortable getaway. There’s a sweet spot to consider, here. Anyone can travel anywhere on essentially nothing—there’s always hitchhiking. But if you want to enjoy yourself, you want a minimum travel threshold.

Even so, it’s possible to comfortably budget travel in an affordable way; according to, “Budgeting and saving money for your next holiday doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of easy ways to save a few dollars here and there—it can add up quickly to hundreds or thousands of dollars—giving you the cash you need for a holiday away.”

One example of something you can do to save money for a holiday is simply cut out the designer coffee and make your own at home—cutting certain habits can be lucrative. You can make a tin of coffee last several months, curtailing your annual coffee budget to $50. By cutting out a $3-a-day coffee, after subtracting $50 for home solutions, you’ve saved $1,045—perfect for a luxurious weekend Christmas getaway.

Something else you might do is cut off fast food and dining out until you’ve managed to save a certain sum. If you’re spending $50 a week on meals outside the home, that’s $200 a month, or around $2,400 a year. Cut out that and coffee and you’ve saved enough to buy a used car! $3,445 could be a month-long vacation somewhere, if you budget right.

Planning Your Ideal Getaway In Oz snow


Delayed Gratification

The key term to help you achieve your budget and travel wherever you wish is “delayed gratification”. If you really want to maximize your potential, find all areas of unnecessary expenses and commit to curtailing them as long as you can. If you can save $500 a month, that’s $6k a year. In two years, you’ve got $12k to play with.

There’s a lot you can do with $12,000! You could buy an old RV and live on the beach for a month with the family. You could take a cruise on an expensive cruise line. You could book a month long getaway to the snowy Thredbo slopes—it’s really up to you. If you can discipline yourself to spend only what you need, you can save enough for a fine getaway.


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