5 Invisalign Truths You Deserve to Know Before Going for It

5 Invisalign Truths You Deserve to Know Before Going for It

For people suffering from crooked teeth, overbite or other common oral problems, clear braces provide a perfect solution. Commonly known as Invisalign, this orthodontic technology has enabled people to correct several dental anomalies. It is effective and less involving than most traditional orthodontic treatments.

Before settling for it, however, one needs to set certain things straight. To ensure you sustain a brighter smile and live a better Invisalign experience, you should have certain things in mind. This way, you will avoid the unnecessary inconveniences that come with going for something you barely understand. So, what should you have in mind before thinking of clear braces?

Your travel toothbrush will be your best companion

To maintain the glaring look of the invisible braces, you will need to brush your teeth more often than you are possibly doing right now. It is advisable to use your toothbrush in between meals. There is also need to floss your teeth on a regular basis. There is also need to floss your teeth on a regular basis. Maintaining this ensures a better brace experience. Maintaining this ensures a better brace experience.

You’ll limit the morning coffee

For a better Invisalign experience, it will be necessary to regulate the amount of coffee intake. Generally, there is need to limit anything that has the potential of staining your teeth – coffee, tea, red wine, mention it. If you do three cups of coffee daily to boost your morale, you will have to reconsider your options. Otherwise, you will be forced to sustain a routine of removing your braces and brushing your teeth more times and this can be a bit inconveniencing.

It is not for everyone

Yes, you got me right. Not every person is an ideal candidate for clear braces. While it is true that Invisalign is effective in addressing common dental orthodontic issues such as crooked tooth, gaps and minor overbites, it might not be appropriate for severe cases. Patients with more gross issues are advised to opt for other alternatives such as metal braces. Other people’s dental conditions also do not allow them to benefit from Insivalign treatment. During your first appointments with a Leduc orthodontist, insist on finding out if this treatment is appropriate for you.

Cleaning with toothpaste is not appropriate

You are probably surprised. Well, most of the normal toothpastes people use have abrasive ingredients. Such products are not good for your new set of Invisalign. Unless you have plans of switching to Invisalign-friendly toothpaste, you should not use toothpaste in cleaning your trays. Otherwise, unnecessary buildup and unwanted odor might be part of your invisible braces experience.

It’s worth it

You have heard this before. For one reason or the other, you might have a few doubts. Well, those who have considered Invisalign treatment overwhelmingly agree that it is a worthy investment. If you have crooked teeth, you will not have to worry about your confidence anymore. For those suffering from minor overbites, your problems will be far less than you have experienced. Essentially, choosing this treatment is a wise decision if you are the ideal candidate for it.


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