Keeping Air Fresh and Healthy with Regular Duct Cleaning

Keeping Air Fresh and Healthy with Regular Duct Cleaning

Indoor air pollution has been listed among the main environmental threats that people face. When your air conditioning system is running, your duct system draws in airborne contaminants. These harmful contaminants eventually build up in your air ducts over a period of time.

Indoor contaminants include carbon monoxide, animal dander, bacteria, airborne allergens, chemicals, tobacco smoke, household mold and dust mites. They circulate round your home or office and can have adverse effect on your health as well as your comfort and that of your family or employees. Having air ducts cleaned as often as recommended can help to get rid of these problems.

Reducing Dust

Duct cleaning is useful for reducing household dust through the removal of dust around the area it travels most, which is the air duct system. Considering that outdoor has been found to be less polluted than indoor air, air duct cleaning in Dubai is crucial for removing airborne contaminants like pollen, pet dander, mold spores, fungus and bacteria, which can help to ease asthma and allergy symptoms.

Saving Energy and Money

  • A build up of some inches of dirt on heating coils can lead to a significant decrease in efficiency. Clean conveyance systems can help to boost efficiency and subsequently reduce the costs of heating and cooling. Many system failures are the result of dust and dirt.
  • A considerable percentage of energy that is used to heat or cool homes is actually wasted. Contaminants in the system make it work harder and shorten its life.
  • A clean HVAC system does not have to work as hard when regulating temperature. This means less energy will be used and cost-effectiveness improves. Find out more about Ductwise Duct Cleaning

Extending Equipment Life

Keeping the heat exchanger cool is among the functions of the fan that is situated within your air handler. When debris and dirt accumulate, this can diminish the performance of your equipment and is a common cause of heat exchanger cracks. Cleaning your system can prevent untimely breakdowns as well as rapid aging of the heating and cooling system.

Significance of Indoor Air Quality

Along with the usual accumulation of dirt and dust found in homes and offices that have air ducts, multiple other factors may increase the need for HVAC system cleaning on a regular basis. These include pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, occupants who have asthma or allergies, remodeling projects or home renovation and water damage to the HVAC system.

  • Some people are much more sensitive to contaminants than other individuals. Asthma and allergy sufferers as well as the elderly and young children are likely to be more vulnerable to poor air quality indoors and this problem can be effectively addressed through professional air duct cleaning.
  • Air ducts that appear to be dirty probably are and they need to be thoroughly inspected by certified and reputable HVAC professionals. Property owners should prioritize air duct cleaning because heating and cooling systems take in air and let it out.

Re-circulation of contaminants in the air causes them to build up in the duct. Dirty ducts may harbor contaminants or contribute to major health issues that can cause serious concerns for individuals who have respiratory health problems, environmental allergies and autoimmune disorders.


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