5 Ways in Which a Whole House Water Filter Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

5 Ways in Which a Whole House Water Filter Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

When it comes to water filtration systems, you might only be aware of Point of Use (POU) systems that are installed at individual water faucets to treat drinking water. However, did you know that you can get a whole-house water filter? This is commonly referred to as a Point of Entry (POE) filtration system. It is installed at the entry of your home’s main water pipe, thereby ensuring that all the water within your home is filtered before reaching the faucets. Having a whole-house filtration system is an excellent way to ensure that you and your family are receiving clean water all the time. Here are 5 amazing ways in which this incredible device can better your life:

  1. Better quality drinking water

Tap water can contain numerous chemicals, contaminants and toxins, which when ingested lead to major health complications, especially for pregnant women, children and the elderly. While most people only get a POU water filter for their kitchen taps, you need to understand that your kitchen faucet is not the only source of consumed water within your household. For example, the water you use to brush your teeth and the water used to water your vegetable garden will all eventually end up inside your body. Hence it is important that you filter all the water being used in your home in order to guarantee the safest and purest drinking water. Kinetico water softeners, available from www.ukh2o.co.uk, are a top of the range water filter and a massively worthwhile investment.

  1. Better skin and hair

If you have been suffering from frequent skin breakouts and scalp infections, then it is definitely time for you to invest in a whole-house water filter. The microorganisms and impurities present in unfiltered water have a direct negative impact on skin and hair. Having a whole-house filter will ensure that you are receiving toxin-free water every time you take a shower and wash your hair.

  1. Better laundry cleaning

Have you been noticing some unsightly stains on your clothes after doing the laundry? Or are you being forced to add large amounts of soap to your washing machine because the water doesn’t lather easily? All these can be signs of impurities in your water. The presence of sediments, rust and other contaminants in unfiltered water makes laundry work a nightmare. By using a topnotch filtering system, the water will produce less soap scum, thereby ensuring that your clothes come out clean and stain-free after each wash.

  1. Better savings

An average home has about 5-6 water faucets. How much would it cost to install an individual filter on each faucet? Now, if you compare that to the cost of buying a single whole-house water filter from aquaoxfilters.com/product/whole-house-water-filtration-system/, the difference is quite startling. In addition to saving money on the purchase and installation, getting a whole house filter will also drastically reduce the amount of money spent on bottled water, thereby resulting in amazing long-term savings.

  1. Better air quality

Did you know that each time you boil contaminated water, you are releasing the contaminants into the air? This can aggravate allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma. So, don’t compromise on your family’s health and safety. Get a whole-house filtration system today to enjoy these benefits and so much more.


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