Survival Knife 101: Guide to Find your Go-To Life Hack Tool

Survival Knife 101: Guide to Find your Go-To Life Hack Tool

Did you ever see a man carrying a huge knife and think to yourself, what is the use of such a huge knife? Well, it has many hidden benefits and need not be owned by macho or adventurous men only.

Survival knife does not necessarily mean large knives, stores all over UK and other countries offer a variety of such knives. Find a knife that best suits your need and make sure that you can handle it.


If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you must know about the benefits of this kind of knife, but if you are not, then here is the list of benefits that such knives have:

o   Opening Things:

While you are outdoors for an adventure or even inside your home, you need something to open packets or boxes and letters. Here these knives can come handy.

These knives can also be used to open bottle caps, corks and open up tins. Just ensure when you buy the knife that it is sharp enough.

Even if you are not on an outdoor adventure, opening packages can be difficult with dull blades. The sharp blades of these knives are great for getting the job done easily.

o   Great for Camping Activities:

If you plan on going for a camping trip, then a sharp blade can be useful for many activities. The various activities include:

  • Shaving kindling to start a fire
  • Useful for digging the ground
  • Cutting lines to use for fishing
  • Removing hooks
  • As a first aid tool to cut the bandages for creating tourniquets
  • In case of emergencies, you can carve out messages in trees in hopes of finding help or marking your path

o   Great for Protection:

When you are in the outdoors, you do not have the cosy protection of your home. Wild animals are just the tip of the iceberg; many more dangers lurk in the darkness.

Such knives can be a great tool to carry, if you want to survive the wilderness unscathed.


If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of your knife, and then you need to first understand which knife suits you best. To reach a decision, you will need to consider certain aspects, like:

  • Tang of the Knife: Tang is the portion of the knife that extends into the handle. Remember that longer the tang stronger the knife. Shorter tangs tend to break, upon great impact.
  • Handle: Handle can be made of hard rubber or polymer, but remember to choose a knife that provides a good grip and should not have any features like a compass.
  • Metal of the Blade: The blade of the knife can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Both have its fair share of advantages:
  • Carbon steel: Such blades can remain sharp for longer time and is easily sharpened.
  • Stainless Steel: Lasts longer against rust.
  • Design of the Blade: The blade can be serrated or straight. Both are great for the outdoors, but a straight blade can be easily sharpened on any stone (available in nature) whereas, a serrated blade needs special tools for sharpening.
  • Length & Thickness of Blade: Such a knife must never be shorter than 6 inches or you will not be able to do tasks like chopping. If the knife is longer than 10 inches, then handling might become an issue for a novice causing accidents. (Sildenafil Citrate)

o   Make sure that the blade does not have any flex and is about 3/16 to 4/16 inch thick.

Thus, as you go to the store, offline or online, take these factors into consideration; and use your multi-faceted knife for Survival Strategies.


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