Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime

Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime green tent

After long days with stressed work, you just want to take a sound sleep at the weekend. You have also traveled for days to luxury resorts with family and friends. That is great! But have you ever thought of wallowing yourself in wildlife and lying on the grass gazing onto stars in the sky? Or have you ever wondered why everyone should go camping once in a lifetime? There is a dozen of reasons to explain, but the most convincing reason is that “Are you ready to make a different day for yourself?”

But first, I am wondering whether you will be persuaded by such appealing reasons of a camping trip or not! That is the most common reason everyone found after the camp.

1. Escape from the pressure of the city life

Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime tent on the sunrise

If you are a worker, you are stressed by the workload and family’s responsibility; if you are students; your tension comes from the examination’s pressure. Everyone has their reasons to disconnect with the technology and avoid the modern life for days to heal your body.

Camping gets you away from traffic jam, phone notifications, technology and other invisible pressure. Camping means you immerse yourself in the wilderness, listen to the sound of animals and trees, gaze the stars and even mediate in the wild and quiet nature. That is the reason the stress will disappear soon.

2. Give you a newfound appreciation for Mother Nature

You can never appreciate the beauty of nature unless you explore it by yourself. Have you ever thought of mirror yourself in a freshwater lake? Or touch the grass at a foggy morning? I’m sure that it’s you that can feel truly the beauty of Mother Nature.

Finding beauties in small things also brings special feelings. You tend to experience the vastness of the land, the sound of wind or animals, the gargantuan of the sky and the strange sense of lying down on a camping cot. Everything becomes different from other days. And nature is more than that.

3. Enjoy different and exciting meals

Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime wood piled up

Having a long process to make a different meal at the wild place is also a reason why everyone should go camping once in a lifetime.

There is no fast food, no electric gargets, you have to cook things over a fire using wood. Someone find wood; some arrange rocks to create a tripod, and others prepare ingredients. Everyone is waiting for their special meal. That is great!

4. Learn new things

Camping gives you a chance to survive in nature. You can learn how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and insects, build a fire and set up a tent.

Nature will give you a new lesson to learn, a new vicinity to explore as a new adventure to enjoy as well. You will discover joys in small things and sometimes strange feelings in a large space.

5. Spend time for beloved ones

Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime blue tent in the woods

You can go with your family or friends; no matter who they are, they all deserve to receive precious time from each other. In a gargantuan of a night sky, people become smaller; they tend to share their own stories honestly; they confess some things as if they will never tell.

They also can play sport together, cook together and explore together or firework together. After all, people will understand each other, and their relationship will become better.

6. Realize meaning of life

You realize that life is not just to work; you need to spend a time to enjoy life and understand it. Sometimes you can trust strangers instead of taking precaution like usual.

Also, you may feel that life sometimes needs break time when you stop everything to think of other values of life. And some problems without solutions is not a very big thing; it is just a part of life.

7. Refresh before the work week

Why Everyone Should Go Camping Once In a Lifetime beautiful sunrise lake

Without such quiet time, you may not get enough energy for the long next week. A dose of fresh air is one of the best ways to clear your mind to start a new week.

During the camp, you may forget all of the business contracts, luxury meals or important phone call. But after enjoying the camp, you get ready to make a new challenge because you are now energetic and enthusiastic enough to do anything.

No matter what reason it is, it’s just you that you decide to make a different day or not. Whether you want to spend time with you loved one staying in a tent or laying in a double sleeping bag or you just want to take a rest at home. Trust me, emotions you receive will be entirely different.

And now, do you want to make a detailed plan for your camp? I hope that I will receive different reasons from you who directly explore a camp by their way. If you do not go camping yet, you now have reasons to start a new camp trip that everyone should go camping at least once in lifetime.

Autho Bio:

Luna Anderson is avid camper from Phoenix, Arizona. She loves outdoors and she wants to show people the endless possibilities of this world and open your mind to experience over possession. You can find practical tips about hiking, camping and survival skills in her blog hikertrack.com.


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