6 Things to consider when buying a toilet seat

6 Things to consider when buying a toilet seat

According to a survey conducted by Reebok and Censuswide, an international consulting firm, an average person spends around 6 months of their lifetime on exercise. In comparison, 1 to 1.5 years of an average person’s life is spent sitting on the toilet. This is just an indication of why you need to have a comfortable toilet seat. Not all toilet seats are created equal. A bad toilet seat can be uncomfortable for use. It may not last long or it can become the cause of your grief every time you sit on the toilet. If you are considering buying a new toilet seat, here are some things that you need to keep in mind while making your selection.   

Pick the correct shape

Toilet seats come in a number of shapes. Depending on the shape of your toilet bowl, you need to make your pick. Round and oval shapes are among the most common toilet seat designs. Of late, the square design is also becoming popular. Then again, there are a few odd shaped toilet seats that are designed for those toilets that come with a different bowl shape. You will be able to determine the shape of your toilet bowl by simply looking at it. Ideally, you should match your toilet seat to the shape of the bowl.

Pay attention to the mount type

When it comes to the mount type of your toilet seat, you can go for either the conventional bolt-and-nut mount or the integral bolt and nut one. As far as ease of use is concerned, the conventional bolt-and-nut mount is the popular choice. They can be easily removed and replaced whenever the need arises. The integral bolt-and-nut mounts usually look better than the conventional ones. But their minus point lies in that they are not easy to remove. If the need arises, you will have to drill out the nut to remove the seat.   

Consider the material and finish

Decide whether you would prefer wood, plastic, or a cushioned toilet seat. Plastic toilet seats are known for their strength and durability. Most high-quality plastic toilet seats are stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean. But they can be cold to use in the winter season. Natural wood toilet seats impart a high-end look to your toilet. However, they are often heavier than their plastic counterparts. They run the risk of getting stained or damaged by certain toilet bowl cleaners. Cushioned seats are high on the comfort scale but they tend to crack over time. Take your call after considering all these aspects. As far as the finish of your toilet seat is concerned, there are many options. But if you want to give your toilet a hygienic boost, go for an antibacterial finish.

Look for the right color

The color of your toilet seat can make or break the look of your bathroom. Most people match their toilet seat’s color to that of the toilet bowl, which is white in most cases. If this works well for your bathroom, you can go ahead with it. But if you wish, you can also be a bit adventurous. For instance, if your bathroom has colored fixtures, you can match the color of your toilet seat to that of the fixtures and get a color-coordinated look. Since the toilet seats are available in a wide variety of colors, you won’t be short of choices.  

Check the features

A toilet seat is as much about comfort as it is about anything else. So, you need to select one that provides you the essential features needed for a comfortable use. For instance, a slow closing seat needs no bending and prevents accidental slamming. If you are living in a cold region, a heated toilet seat is a great option. You can also opt for a seat that has warm and cold water wash functions. Then there are smart features like self-cleaning, night light, automatically operated toilet lid, deodorizer, air dryer, etc. We recommend that you browse through the reviews of 10 of the best toilet seats available in 2017 before making your choice.

Go for the perfect style

You need to take your bathroom décor into account while making your choice for a toilet seat. The right toilet seat can enhance the look of your bathroom. These days, toilet seats are easily available in a wide variety of styles. Make your selection depending on whether your bathroom exhibits a modern, contemporary, minimalistic, traditional, or any other look.


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