Some Foods that are Ideal for Lean Muscle Building

Some Foods that are Ideal for Lean Muscle Building

Your body would be requiring a consistent and robust supply of top quality whole foods as these would help in the proper functioning of your body and sustaining lean muscle growth. In order to successfully acquire a lean physique or a ripped body, you must consider including the following foods in your everyday dietary plan.

Muscle Building Foods


One whole egg is supposed to be containing 6g of top quality protein, high proportions of Vitamins K, E, A, and B (B12, folic acid, and riboflavin). Eggs also contain zinc, iron, and calcium along with all the necessary eight amino acids. Egg is, therefore, one of the really versatile and complete foods to consume. It is a fabulous muscle-building food. It is a good idea to eat the yolk as it is rich in healthy cholesterol and B12.


Salmon is well-known as a brilliant source of healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and muscle building protein. Salmon is excellent particularly, during cutting phases. You could be consuming the same quantity of protein and yet have fewer calories. Moreover, the Omega 3s that are present in Salmon could be effective in reducing insulin resistance thus, decreasing fat storage and boosting muscle protein synthesis. Try including wild salmon in your diet for enjoying all the relevant benefits. You should also consider making the most of the best prohormone for sale.

Organic Beef

Beef is a key food that must be incorporated in any bodybuilder’s diet. We know that beef is rich in proteins, saturated fat, and cholesterol. All these lead to sustaining high testosterone levels. If you opt for the organic beef, you would be getting much better muscle gains. Organic grass fed cows are supposed to be relatively leaner, and the beef boasts of a wonderful fat profile comprising predominantly neutral saturate fat which does not jeopardize cardiovascular health. Organic beef would be the right choice as it would be containing relatively more omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid than the regular beef.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a rich source of calcium, proteins, magnesium, selenium, fiber, thiamine, manganese, and potassium. Brown rice boasts of a relatively lower glycemic index as compared to the white polished rice. As such, it could be reducing insulin spikes, enhancing overall health and assisting you effectively in trimming your waistline considerably and faster. A cupful of brown rice could be providing 80 percent of your daily quota of manganese requirements that would be helping your body synthesize fats effectively. You would be staying full for much longer periods and would be supplying energy for lasting all day long. Most importantly, brown rice is rich in gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is actually an amino acid which could be boosting the growth hormone levels effectively by almost up to 400 percent.

Wheat Germ

You could be incorporating wheat germ in your daily diet as it is a really slow-digesting and healthy carbohydrate that could be used as nice breading on fish and chicken, topping for cereals, yogurt, and salads. You could have wheat germ as a healthy post-workout meal. It is full of iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, arginine, Vitamins B, fiber, and glutamine.


Very few people are born with toned and fit bodies. But most people would need to work hard to attain fitness and boost lean muscle growth. You need to be passionate about your diet, workout regimen, and healthy way of living if you wish to get and maintain a super-fit and ripped body of your dreams.


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