How to Turn Your Passion Into a Publication

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Publication

Everyone has a passion. This passion is what they love doing. It could be art, it could be cooking, it could be in tech or writing. Whatever your passion, you need to pursue and further it. In an ideal world, everyone’s job will also be their passion. When your job isn’t what you love doing, it’s up to you to make something of it instead. Everyone with a passion, for instance, can turn it into a publication. Creating a serialization means you can share your work and your knowledge with the community at large. Follow these steps to turn your passion into a publication today:

  1. Have a Clear Niche

When you are looking to create a publication around your passion – which in turn will bring awareness to what you make – you need to know what niche you are filling. There are a lot of publications out there already, and you need to stand out from them. Start by focusing on what it is that you do that is unique, and then try to fit that unique aspect into a genre you can create your publication under.

  1. Have a Great Name

A great name is what will get a new reader’s attention. It has to be unique and memorable, so that if someone sees it once, they can find you again easily. Combined with this great name needs to be a stylish logo. You are more than welcome to spend a lot of time on this step, as the better the name and logo, the more memorable you and your brand will be.

Tip: While you shouldn’t name your publication and your passion the same thing, you can benefit from using the same logo and typefaces, to show a passerby and other interested parties that you control both the brand and the publication.

  1. Create Great Content

When you are looking to make a publication, you need to have great content. Know what your aim with the publication is in advance. Do you want to educate people about your particular art? Do you want to showcase artists in your area? Do you want to give people tutorials to help them do what you do? Your aim will dictate the kind of content you produce. Always make sure that the writing and visuals are professional.

  1. Create a Visually Appealing Product

Once you have the content and the branding done, it’s time to create your publication. You will need to create both an online and physical publication that is visually appealing and iconic. You can use a magazine cover maker to get you started. You will need to make sure the layout is clean and organized. To truly make your publication shine, have a website. Rather than posting the same content on both, have them compliment each other. For instance, the magazine can be where you publish your best content.

Creating a publication in an area you are passionate about is a great way to build a community. You can then advertise your own projects directly to this interested community, who trust you and consider you a pillar in the industry. Start today and create a beautiful addition to your community.


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