Keeping A Clean Home When You Have Zero Time

Keeping A Clean Home

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You don’t have to live in a Rhode Island mansion to feel like it takes forever and a day to clean up your home when it is a mess. You could live in a one-bedroom apartment and still find you have zero time to keep your place looking mess-free. What with your busy professional life, seeing friends you keep putting off because of work and trying to enjoy the company of your boyfriend whenever life lets you; yeah, it is a lot to juggle and, as a result, you don’t have the time to clean as thoroughly as you may like – or at all.

Come on, no one wants to spend their weekends off picking up the trash that litters your home, doing the laundry, vacuuming, washing those grease thick pans or mopping the floor. That just isn’t an attractive way to spend your only shot at this life.

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That is where we come in. No, we don’t have a magic wand that we can wave, but we do have some tricks up our sleeve that will allow you to be more efficient with how you clean, thus keeping your weekends clear too. So, here goes:

Stop Being So Meticulous

We know a lot of people who will only clean if they can go the full hog; scrubbing down everything, disinfecting everything and vacuuming every square inch of their place until they are truly satisfied they have conquered the world. This is not helping you get your time back or motivating you to get your quick clean on. That is why we urge you to only clean the bits of your home that look dirty-slash-messy. Yes, if it isn’t dirty, leave it. Sure, some of you might think this is gross, but it is not just going to give you time but also boost your immune system too. Bonus and bonus.

Microfibre Cloths Are Mega

Wiping away dust with any old rag is only going to see your dust get dispersed into the air, doing your lungs a world of bad before settling right back where it was before. What. A. Waste. Of. Time. That is where the mega microfibre cloth comes in and the reason why you should keep a bunch of these handy. A little bit of spot dusting here and there just becomes a lot easier.

Let The Vacuum Do It

Why would you want to spend your evenings or weekends vacuuming when you could just leave the vacuum to its own devices. That’s right, the future is now, which means you can get a robot to do your cleaning for not a lot of money. To narrow it down a bit, you’re looking at Neato vs Roomba. Either way, you’re going to have much more time on your hands for other chores, like the dishes. These may not be the most effective for all your cleaning needs, but they do a good enough job to keep your home looking clean.

Make Cleaning Fun

When you think of cleaning up, you probably turn a little bit blue with sadness, your soul slinking away into the recesses of your body. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Why not say Monday night is going to be your cleaning party night, which entails you putting on your favorite tunes so that you find a real groove to clean along to. Go with something fast paced and you’ll be done in no time at all, smiling as you slink onto the sofa for another episode of Power.

Atmosphere Can Be Persuasive

Lighting a gorgeously scented candle may not do much to help your home stay clean, but it will create an atmosphere that overrules this need. That is because a sweet smelling candle is going to make your house smell delicious, which is a great way to make your home feel a lot warmer and welcoming. If you are really picky about your home’s cleanliness then this may not be for you. But if you are fine with temporarily tricking yourself into how your home looks and feels, then you can’t go wrong with this little tip.

Get Yourself A Shoe Rack

Some of your friends and family members may be excellent when it comes to taking off their shoes and leaving them by the front door. Others, however, not so much. So, instead of relying on them to think a little bit more, why not subtly encourage them to follow your rules by putting a shoe rack as close to your entrance as possible. This is going to keep your floors cleaner, make your space more organized and stop germs from being spread. Who knew that a shoe rack was a triple threat?


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