Brain Food: How to Keep Your Mind Young and Active

Brain Food: How to Keep Your Mind Young and Active
Brain Food: How to Keep Your Mind Young and Active

We only get to eat a certain amount of calories each day before our bodies have had enough, so it’s a good idea to choose what we eat with care. It’s especially relevant if you’d like to keep your body and mind healthy and active for as long as possible – and when it comes to your brain, there are actually a few foods you should favor over others.

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Use this handy list to navigate your way through the grocery aisles, making it a lot easier to feed your mind the kind of food it’s into.

Food and the brain

While you probably know very well that stress is bad for you, it’s not a lot of people who understand just how much food can help us to combat chronic inflammation. Chronic stress is terrible news for our health, so our brain tries to tackle it through inflammation – kind of like addressing stress as if it’s an infection.

Inflammation takes a toll on our gut health, that’s for sure, and the food you eat can do a lot to heal your gut back to its normal state.

Plus, the kind of food that’s good for our gut is often good for the brain too; healthy fats and antioxidant-rich food should, therefore, be on the menu every day. Check out, by the way, for more info on good gut health.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is rich in olives, oils, and fish, making it the perfect combination of food that your brain will love. The gray matter is made up of mostly fat, in any way, so it kind of makes sense that healthy fats will help keep it sharp and active.

Think about types of fish that are relatively fatty, such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon – and fill your plate with these a couple of times per week.


Tufts University has published a study with evidence suggesting that blueberries can be helpful in delaying or improving short-term memory loss. It’s great news for the younger generation who is trying to prevent the loss of cognitive functions – as well as the older generation, in terms of improving their cognitive abilities again.

A diet that is rich in healthy fats, protein, and berries is especially good for seniors as they’re not always getting the right kind of balance in their diet. Pair it with one of the stress-relievers at and you’ll be able to feel a bit more confident about your older relatives.  

There is, in all honesty, a vast ocean of delicious food that is good for boosting your brainpower and the samples above are just a few of them.

Make sure you and your family are eating a variety of colors, as well as the right amount of healthy fats and proteins every day – and you may be able to keep them happy and sharp for a lot longer.



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