The Most Effective And Safest Termite Control Techniques

The Most Effective And Safest Termite Control Techniques

Termites can attack any place, and controlling them is not easy. In fact, you may not be able to identify termite infestation in some instances, and by the time you discover their presence, they may have caused some serious damage. You are advised to engage termite pest control experts if you want to determine whether there is infestation by the pests. These professionals may conduct various inspections and can employ monitoring stations, which are placed with soil which is suspected to be infested with the termites.

Use of bait stations:

After locating the highly active areas, the professionals will place bait stations in the locations of the monitoring stations. In the bait stations are slow acting baits which the worker termites will bring back then feed to the rest of their colony members. With time, the baits will kill many generations of that colony.

Liquid insecticides:

Although bait stations are effective in treating the entire termite manifestations and end up affecting the entire colony, it is important to note that their effect may not be rapid enough. Thus, they are not a good choice in the areas where the termite manifestation is dense and severe damage has been caused or may be caused. In such areas, conventional liquid insecticides are the best choice. There are many such insecticides in the market and their effectiveness and efficiency vary, so you need to discuss with the termite control experts on what to use in the areas that need to be worked on. For instance, how termite pest control in our home works is different from termite control in garages and other rarely visited or inhabited areas. In homes, the best pesticides are the green ones without the strong odour.

In summary:

The control of termites in the home is not the work of the termite control expert only. The homeowners should offer assistance by, for instance, reducing the possible sources of termite food, such as woodpiles. You should get rid of the sources of moisture in home, as termites mostly inhibit the most areas in the home. As the homeowner, you may need to repair roof leaks and plumbing leaks. Doing this will help get rid of termites and prevent future manifestation.


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