Stylish Secrets for the Small Spaces in Your Hallway

Stylish Secrets for the Small Spaces in Your Hallway

The hallway is often one of the rooms in the home that can be difficult to decorate, especially when working with a smaller space. Many people struggle to utilise the space properly, without overcrowding the space and making it feel cramped. Keeping our hallway fresh and bright is the first important thing to remember, then you can focus on making the most of the space available with these stylish small space secrets.

Make a Feature Wall

One of the best ways to make a small space burst with character is to introduce a feature wall. Feature walls usually consist of a wall that has been designed separately to the rest, whether that’s one bold pop of colour, a vibrant wallpaper or even a selection of hung artwork or photographs to create a bold statement. It’s important that your feature wall works with the rest of the décor, as you want the room to flow perfectly and create the right atmosphere for your home.

Purchase a Runner

If your hallway is particularly narrow but also quite long, then a runner is probably going to be the answer to your problems. Runners are the perfect addition to create an illusion of space, adding character to the room, whilst still keeping it stylish and neat. You can find a selection of carpet runners in a range of colours, with unique patterns that will really enhance your hallway and add a burst of life to the décor.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Your furniture choices are really important when it comes to your hallway, as you want to make the most of the space, whilst keeping it stylish and trendy. Investing in furniture pieces that have more than one purpose is always really beneficial, as you can double up the usage without taking up that essential space. One very popular addition is a storage bench or chair. The design of these is to store items in the base of the furniture piece, whilst having a comfortable, stylish top to sit on. Similarly, you can find trendy nests of tables that are perfect for placing items such as the phone, post and keys on top. The key is to invest in smaller pieces that are going to be practical and useful for your hallway.

Magic Mirrors

For many homes, mirrors are simply an aesthetical touch, but they’re ideal for transforming a smaller space. The moment you add a mirror to a room you instantly gain a sense of space and openness. Mirrors reflect the light around the room, which enables the space to feel larger and create a spacious illusion. You often find that positioned in the right place, mirrors can help to reflect the natural light which is ideal within the home. You can find so many gorgeous mirrors that have stylish frames and delicate detailing, which will also add character to the room overall. These simple additions are the features that help to enhance your décor and make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Balanced Lighting

Lighting is a key feature in any room, but if you want a room to feel bigger and utilise the space you have then adding some balanced lighting to the room will really help. Whether you opt for mood lighting, or you have a selection of side lamps to illuminate certain areas of the room, you’ll be amazed how much a touch of lighting can change a rooms overall look and feel.


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