4 Home Additions Every Lazy Person Needs In Their Life

4 Home Additions Every Lazy Person Needs In Their Life

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Everyone is born with different qualities; it’s what makes each of us so unique. Some of us are born creative geniuses, others are naturally organised and some were just blessed with the ability to be morning people. We all have personality traits we can’t change and, well, for some of us, that includes laziness. It is just our cross to bear.

If you are currently nodding your head with empathy, then just stop for a minute and count your blessing because you were blessed by time, by which we mean the twenty-first century, where technological advancements cater for the lazy more than most.

So whether you have to battle laziness in your day to day life, or you just get struck down by the lazy-bug every so often, we have come up with a few bits and bobs that could transform your home and make it the ideal abode for those who lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

Wi-Fi Extender

For some reason, all internet router thingy-ma-bobs seem to suck a little, by which we mean there is always a dark spot in our homes where the internet doesn’t reach. Unfortunately, Sod’s Law dictates that dark spot is either our bedroom or the basement, where our pile of comfy pillows reside. That is where a Wi-Fi extender can improve your life. Simply move it to whatever outlet is near you and, voila, you can watch the latest episode of Orange Is The New Black from your day cave.

RC Curtain

One of the biggest inconveniences facing those with the lazy gene is having to get out of bed – or off the sofa – to either open the curtains a bit or close them a touch, only to get back into bed – or back on the sofa. It is just unnecessary. To counter this issue and help you live a more fulfilled life from the comfort of your wherever, get yourself a remote-controlled curtain rod and save what little energy you were graced with.

Smart Thermostat

Being a slightly lazy person, being comfortable is of the utmost importance. This is where the temperature has a big influence over our ability to relax. Too hot, too cold, neither of these will do. That is why you should get a smart thermostat installed today, or tomorrow latest. Just imagine how amazing it would feel to walk into a perfectly warmed home thanks to your thermostat being able to operate wirelessly. There will be no more getting in and having to wait for the heating to kick in as you lie on the sofa shivering. What a world that would be, right.

Echo Dot

Siri changed our lives for the better, but the Echo Dot takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness by using Alexa to help you remain wonderfully lazy. It may not be able to bring you a nice bottle of chilled white wine, but it can do almost everything else you need through the medium of talking aloud. Ordering you a takeaway for dinner, opening the garage doors for your gardener, getting the sprinklers to switch on; all of these tasks you can summon without having to even roll over. Wonderful. Just wonderful.


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