9 Essential Tools for a Well-Equipped Garage

9 Essential Tools for a Well-Equipped Garage

Having a well equipped garage can help you work faster and better. There are certain tools that should never be left out when you are equipping your garage. It could be because they make working there safer or because they can be used for a number of things, for example I recently purchased the best portable air compressor and I believe every garage should have one. Now lets get started with the 9 essential tools for a well equipped garage.

  • Fire extinguisher

Think about it, you are working with a machine that has gallons of flammable liquid inside and a lot of friction is going on, not to mention the wires that can spark. A fire is a very likely occurrence and you need to be able to put it out before it spreads so having a fire extinguisher is a must in your garage as it will save your life and your investment.

  • First aid kit

While you may take all safety precautions to prevent accidents, a garage will always have the risk of a knock here, a burn there and cuts and bruises, it is a good idea to be prepared for them and be able to address the need. The first aid kit should have antiseptic wipes, bandage, cold compresses and if you have an illness that may need quick attention like asthma, you may want to have an inhaler in their or whatever emergency meds you may need.

  • Air compressor & air tools

Fixing flat tires is one of the things you will do often and an air compressor will come in handy when you need to inflate the tires. It however is good for more than just adding air to the tires. Air compressors can also be used for cleaning the engine, there are parts that will collect dust but you cannot use water on them so blowing them with the compressor or air tools will do quite well. If you do not like the noise some of them make, you can get a quiet one. I have seen the best quiet air compressors on sale online.

  • Car Jack & stands

There is no way you can work under the car if you do not have a car jack to lift it and stands to keep it seated on. You will also need it to change tires, replace brake pads, check on the suspensions and so much more. You just cannot have a garage without a car jack. But for your safety, ensure it is genuine and strong enough to lift the car without collapsing.

  • Wrenches

You will need wrenches of different sizes to be able to tighten and loosen bolts and nuts whenever you are working. You should also ensure you have a toque wrench among the wrenches you have as some nuts need more careful tightening and a well calibrated torque wrench will be the right tool for the job.

  • Screw drivers

There are probably as many screws as bolts on a vehicle so you will need to have screw drivers to be able to work on parts that are held together by screws. It is good do buy an entire set of screw drivers so that you are able to work on the different types of screws you may find.

  • Shop Vac

Every good mechanic knows it is important to have a clean garage and a shop vac is the best way to do that. Not just any vacuum cleaner will do, you need to have a shop vac because it can suck liquid as well as solid debris. It will make cleaning up after you are done a lot easier and faster. In addition, if you are using cutting tools that produce sawdust, having a good Shop Vac can be a life-saver in terms of cleaning up the mess. Check out theseĀ beginner table saws for some ideas of saws that will complement your new Shop Vac nicely!

  • Broom and cleaning supplies

In some cases you may need an ordinary broom to sweep up the dirt, it can also be used if you cannot afford a shop vac or when there is no electricity to power the shop vac. You may also have cleaning liquid, rugs and brushes so that your garage will be spotless once you are done working.

  • Storage containers

With all the tools you will have in the garage, there is always need for storage to avoid clutter. Tool boxes of different sizes would be a good idea so that everything is kept in one place, you may also need ht e storage for spare parts that you may have purchased in excess and need to keep them for the next time they are needed

When choosing the essential tools, it is advisable to think of the tasks you will be performing often and which tools are able to best perform those tasks. If they are able to perform more than one function like the air compressor, that is even better.


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