4 Reasons To Renovate Your Roof

4 Reasons To Renovate Your Roof

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The roof might be the last place you think of renovating, but there can be lots of good reasons to turn your sights to this part of your home. Here are just a few reasons why investing money in your roof could be worthwhile.

Increase curb appeal

If you’re planning on selling your property in the future, fixing up those broken tiles could be worthwhile. A roof is thought to account for 40% of a home’s curb appeal. In fact, a new roof might even be able to boost the value of your home. New slate tiles and shingles are excellent way of adding more visual impact to your property that is likely to draw in buyers. Some roofing companies may be willing to give you samples so that you can test what a particular material looks like on your home before buying.

Lower energy bills

There are many ways in which you can renovate your roof to cut your energy bills. The first is to adopt solar powered energy by installing solar panels. With enough solar panels you may be able to run your whole home off grid and never pay an electricity bill again.

Loft insulation meanwhile can make huge cuts to your gas bills. In an uninsulated home, 25% of heat is thought to be lost through the roof. You can fit thermal insulating wool onto the inside of your loft yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

You can even cut your water bills with certain roofing modifications. A rainwater harvesting system for example can turn precipitation into water to be used for watering garden plants and flushing the toilet. There are even some rainwater systems capable of purifying rainwater so that it’s drinkable.  

Stay dry in a storm

If you live in an area prone to storm and often suffer from leaks and roof damage, renovating your roof to a more storm-proof design may allow you to stay dry and save money on ongoing repairs. Hip roofs (4 sides) for example have been found to withstand high pressure winds better than gable roofs (2 sides). There are also a number of aerodynamic features that can be added to a roof to better withstand the wind from a certain direction.

Enlarge your loft

Converting a loft into a liveable space can add value to your home. However, some lofts may not meet legal requirements to be classed as a liveable space and so may require raising the roof. Raising the roof may require getting council permission and permission from neighbours as it could infringe people’s privacy or block out sunlight from reaching someone else’s garden. Adding dormer windows may be an option of extending the loft to meet legal requirements whilst not having to raise the roof.


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