Timber Flooring: Care & Maintenance Guide

Timber Flooring Ideas

Home owners tend to opt for timber flooring when they need to make a choice of flooring for their house. This is due to the multiple advantages offered by this flooring. One of the main reasons is this flooring tends to transform a house into a home with the warmth and coziness it offers. Besides this, choosing a color of flooring which blends well with a home is trouble-free as you have a wide range of colors available. The only effort you need to take is finding the right manufacturer who can offer you the different choices.

Why opt for timber flooring?

Opting for timber flooring is a sensible move as this flooring is considered as a healthy option as compared to the other flooring available. Unlike carpets, it does not trap allergens or dust. This is also considered as a long term investment as timber is a tough material which tends to be durable.

Timber is an environmentally friendly option. Besides being energy efficient, it tends to use less of energy during the process of production. This material removes the carbon from the environment as it emits a merely 2 tons of carbon-dioxide as compared to the 12 tons emitted by concrete.

Maintenance and care of timber flooring:

It is advisable to follow the instructions of the installer or the builder for maintaining the timber flooring. The following hints can help you:

  • Cleaning the floor at least weekly will prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.
  • In case of accidental spills, ensure this is attended to on an immediate basis. You need to wipe this off with a mop and probably use a cleaner.
  • High traffic areas can be covered with rugs. This can prevent localized wear and tear. Besides which, you have a different look to the room.
  • Place mats on the external and the internal doors. This not only removes moisture from the footwear but can also trap grit.
  • The furniture legs should have timber guards placed on the base.
  • Ensure you do not drag anything on the floor, more so, the furniture.
  • Make sure not to wet mop the floor as this can lead to the swelling of the floor and unevenness.
  • Make sure you use cleaners which are specific to timber flooring.
  • Cleaning timber flooring needs to be done on a regular basis as this can extend the life of the finish.
  • Make sure this flooring is not exposed to direct sunlight. This can cause the color to change.

How to choose timber flooring?

Timber Flooring modern room

As there are multiple grades available in timber flooring, it is advisable to seek professional help so that errors can be eliminated. Research and find out which manufacturers can help you out with this. You can also compare the different prices before you opt for a specific manufacturer of this timber flooring. All of us wish to save wherever possible. Make sure you do not compromise on the quality, as this can make all the difference to the factor of durability.

Besides this, good quality timber flooring can last for decades and a manufacturer offering this will not hesitate to give you a long term warranty. Reputation makes a difference to the quality of a product. The manufacturer should take over the installation process so that you do not have to hunt for an installer separately. Finally, opt for flooring which is scratch resistant to a high level. The wear and tear of the flooring is looked into with this factor considered.

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