Mattress Selection for Couples Made Simple

Mattress Selection for Couples Made Simple

Buying a mattress is a difficult task, so you can well imagine the issues that you run into when you are considering one for use by you and your partner. Issues like support, firmness, motion transfer, budget, materials, size, etc. get more complicated because now two people are involved instead of one. Some puzzles resolved:

Motion Transfer

Nobody wants to be disturbed by their partner’s movements. Ideally, a mattress for a couple should have minimum motion transfer as this can often be the difference between a good night’s sleep and waking up irritated and moody. As far as motion transfer minimization is concerned, memory foam mattresses are the best as the construction enables superior motion effect dissipation. People who are not hung up on the feel of memory foam yet want superior motion control can opt for polymer or hybrid mattresses as they offer superior performance unmatched by conventional innerspring mattresses.


The hallmark of a good mattress is that it should be capable of assisting you to maintain the desired neutral spine alignment. However, mattresses for couple use will need to deliver better support as the pressure exerted by two bodies will be significantly more. The problem gets aggravated if one of the sleepers is heavier than the other as the mattress will tend to sag under the weight, making the two roll into each other. The sagging not only interferes with the support but also accelerates motion transfer leading to disturbed sleep. Read up on avocado green mattress reviews to understand the importance of support.


Mattress issues such as bounce, support, response, edge support as well as overall comfort and feel are important ingredients for fulfilling sex. The best foam mattresses are specially engineered to deliver a high degree of response and bounce. Low-cost conventional memory foam mattresses should be avoided as they tend to be energy absorbing and can sap your strength. The issue of support is also critical as the mattress needs to support the weight of two persons in roughly the same space while still offering the desired bounce, response, and comfort required for quality sex.

Firmness & Feel

The issue of firmness for two people on the same surface can get really tricky as requirements and expectations of comfort and support can be vastly different between the partners. It is better to choose an adaptive mattress that is medium firm and engineered to deliver equal pressure relief and support regardless of position, body type, and weight.


If you are doubtful whether a single mattress, even if adaptive, will work for you, you should consider buying two individual mattresses of the same size but with different support and firmness. This technique is especially useful if one of the partners is relatively significantly heavier than the other. You can also explore a fully customized option that will have the two sides customized to vastly different requirements necessitated by different body type, mass, sleeping position, and other individual preferences like feel and firmness.

Author Bio: Janet Jones is a furniture and home décor consultant. An expert on mattresses for different types of sleepers, she regularly contributes to all leading brand evaluation, including avocado green mattress reviews.


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