Top Weighted Vest Brands

Top Weighted Vest Brands

This article provides the list of 2017’s best-weighted vest brands in the market. Training clothes and weighted vest are one of the today’s most popular equipment in the workout category. Using equipment makes you feel comfortable in doing an intense workout. Weighted vests are said to be helpful for athletes for building strength faster. It is also effective in burning fats quicker than wearing the usual training clothes.

We will provide you the list of the weighted vest brands as of this year. Each product contains unique features that will help you during your training.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest

Are you looking for the perfect weight equipment that can be useful during your training? Consider the features offered by the Hyper PRO weighted vest. It has a thin surface that provides impressive flexibility during an intense workout.

Despite its delicate looks, the vest contains high-density steel weight making it easier for the users to wear it. Aside from its thin feature, it is also made of high-quality fabric and includes body odor resistance to keep you fresh. It is a washable vest so you can clean it after an extreme exercise.

This vest comes with unisex designs making it perfect for both male and female. The bright design flexes placed horizontally provides full chest expansion for a better breathing while carrying weights. Unlike the other vest, it contains portable 10lbs steel weights that can be removed or placed in easily. The Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest is said to be the best-weighted vest according to a Men’s Health Magazine.

ZFO – 50LBs Adjustable Short Weighted Vest

The ZFO weighted vest contains portable 3 pounds weights, and it can also carry 60lbs depending on the user. This feature allows you to change the level of resistance whenever you want to. You can insert the weights easily in its pocket, and the vest can put on your body quickly. It also fits on your body correctly making it comfortable in doing great routines.

Aside from that, it comes with complimenting look that develops your body in a good posture. Since it contains portable weights, it allows you to place the loads around your torso for a comfortable workout. This tool is made of heavy 1200 D-nylon with built-in dual padded shoulders for additional comfort and smoothness.

 It also contains mid-chest belt to avoid bouncing and shifting. The ZFO – 50LBs Adjustable Short Weighted Vest is perfect for different types of workout. It includes hiking, jogging, walking, yoga, and weightlifting.

MiR Weighted Vest

 Aside from its impressive customer service, MiR Vest Inc. provides top quality vest products. The weighted vest is made 1200 D-Nylon making it sustainable, and it provides an extraordinary comfort.

It helps you to finish your rounds worthier compared to working out without a vest. Its flexibility allows you to enjoy your workout smoothly whether you do explosive or lighter movements. This equipment has adjustable straps around the shoulders and on the stomach part to prevent from moving.

It also contains built-in iron bars to ensure that the weight is steady. These features keep the vest stable around your body for a better workout experience. The MiR Weighted Vest is truly satisfying as lifetime service warranty is offered aside from its affordable price, so you’ll never regret having this.

Weighted vests are also considered as one of the most efficient ways in losing weight for a short period. Choosing the best-weighted vest that fits you perfectly is also important. Before buying a weighted vest might as well consult your fitness instructor to avoid any trouble during your session. Reading on customer’s reviews online about this product will also help.


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