3 Career Options That Would Let You Travel More

3 Career Options That Would Let You Travel More

Most people would like to travel at one point or another, but it can be hard to do thanks to costs and existing responsibilities. Fortunately there are ways to get around this, not least of all having the right job or career. Several exist that give you the freedom and opportunity to see more of the world, and for many, they aren’t hard fields to enter. Check out three of the top jobs for people who want to travel more below.


What better way to travel than if you work for yourself? There are plenty of routes to making money as a freelance worker or entrepreneur, from writing to selling handmade items to hosting classes and more. This extends to companies like ACN, which some people may think of as an ACN Pyramid Scheme, but in reality they provide you an opportunity to start your own business through them. There isn’t a bad choice of career this way, and so long as you’re enjoying your work, it’s a worthwhile way to pack up and do it while on the road.

It’s important, however, to mention that the self-employed route will require ample effort to take off. Generally you’ll make more the more you work, and since your schedule is as flexible as you want it to be, you’ll be the one determining how far you go—and how soon. Once your hard work pays off, you can be off whenever you like.

English Teacher

If you speak English, you’re in luck: English teachers are in demand across the globe. While you will need some certification and clearance to work in other countries, it’s a sure way to transplant yourself with a stable job to boot. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to explore when you aren’t on the job, thanks to the simple schedule and vacation days allotted, though this can vary based on where you’re stationed. You also get the opportunity to study the language and culture of wherever you are firsthand through the students; it’s a chance to share your language with the world, as well. Putting your teaching skills to the test in a new land could just be your ticket to travel.

Cruise Line Employee

Cruises are already great ways to travel, and working on a cruise line will get you from one place to another while you work. They boast a wide variety of positions, from serving to performing to administration, so many people of many job backgrounds can find a spot. While cruise line employment can be competitive, they’re also widely available and provide a stable working environment. Don’t forget the perks of being onboard, either: access to ship entertainment, free meals and accommodation, and few to no expenses while under contract. You get to interact with passengers from all sorts of spots across the world in between destinations, and once the ship arrives, it won’t be long before the experience starts over. If you can handle the long hours and lack of vacation days, being part of a cruise crew makes for an exciting way to travel in style.

If you love to travel, or would love to travel, these three careers will get you started. You won’t be stuck in the 9-to-5 routine as you save up to jet off, but you will need to work hard. So long as you’re diligent, traveling won’t require every penny you can scrounge up. You get to discover the world while paying for your adventures, or simply pack up and do both together.


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