How Office Decor Affects Productivity

How Office Decor Affects Productivity

For many small business owners, they spend more time in their office than they do anywhere else. A wise business owner must stay progressive by remodeling the office space accordingly to fit client/customer first impressions, employee productivity, and fluidity.

Business owners want to get the most out of a work day, and that stems from office surroundings. The office decor, or lack thereof, directly impacts work productivity, happiness, and absenteeism.

Is That a Filing Cabinet?

It may be time to let go of the 70’s and go digital. Shuffling through those tan, heavy cabinets is a waste of everyone’s time, and furthermore, they’re an eyesore. Small business owners shouldn’t be lugging around old, heavy cabinets in today’s tech-driven industry. Going digital will de-stress the office, making room for more modern furnishings; something both employers and employees will appreciate.

Giving a fashionable feel to the office doesn’t require big expenses, or hiring an interior decorator. Ideas can emerge by looking online at other office decor in other cities; for example, a recent office trend is setting up cell phone lockers for office staff, or purchasing retractable stand-up desks.

Take Down the Motivational Posters

Running a business requires a profuse amount of energy and drive. The work area needs to give inspiration to work harder, and provide enough comfort for the individual who is occupying the same spot for long hours at a time. The walls of the office are where eyes tend to wander to momentarily escape the workload, and those motivational posters probably aren’t achieving their intended purpose.

Running a business means investing in every square inch of the office. Create an ambience that is on theme with what you want the company to represent. Give life to your walls! Consider custom wallpaper to highlight dull areas around the office, or paint the walls a variety of light, complimentary colors that brighten up the work space, making it a pleasant and encouraging working environment.

Show the Team the Dream

Fill up an empty space in the office and improve employee productivity by putting up a dream board. One side labels the accomplishments, so the hard work doesn’t go unappreciated. The other side lists a set of goals to be accomplished at a certain deadline. This can be a whiteboard, cork board, chalkboard or just a dedicated section of the wall. Encourage employees to pin up dreams, goals, requests, and hopes for the company’s future. This strategy gives employees a voice, promotes creativity, and will serve as daily inspiration to everyone in the office.

Green the Place Up

Pictures of trees won’t cut it. It is proven that live plants increase productivity and cognitive attention. Introducing plants to the working environment is proven to reduce anxiety and significantly aid with minor depression, anger, and fatigue.

For desks, try adding some low maintenance plants, like succulents. For the office, some of the best plants that can survive indoors include Pothos, Aloe, Spider Plants, English Ivy, Rubber Trees, Jade Plants, and Snake Plants.

Renovating an office for productivity doesn’t have to be a pricey investment whatsoever. Online shopping is a cost effective tool for small business owners. Maintaining a low employee turnover rate and impressing clients requires a fresh, productive work environment. A responsibility that any successful business must uphold.


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