A Guide to Selling Your Home and Moving Fast

A Guide to Selling Your Home and Moving Fast

The time has come to sell your home and move into a new one. But all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed with errands and to-dos and can’t make heads or tails how swamped you are. But although many psychologists consider this to be relatively stressful and emotionally exhausting, it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you have to sell quickly, you can still minimize the drama and concentrate on starting fresh memories in your new home. To do so, you have to organize yourself and this little guide will help you out with just that.

Start with the real estate agent

A real estate agent can be quite an asset and a welcome addition to this whole process since their expert knowledge on the market and property value can ensure a sale at the highest price possible. But choosing the right agent will take some time and patience. There are many Estate agents like this out there, such as Harlands. However, they can be hard to find. Make sure to really do your research before choosing the estate agents you want to deal with.

Check the portfolio of several agencies and make an appointment with the ones most agreeable to you. Interview each of them and then decide who is the most suitable to represent you. You need someone who can present the flaws but outweighs them with positive aspects of your home. Make sure they respect your decisions and are realistic when it comes to price. And most importantly, that they have your best interest in mind.

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Prior to the sale

The best way to do this is the old-fashioned way, with lists. There are several things to consider when preparing your house for sale, and if you don’t organize yourself well at the very beginning, this whole endeavor can turn sour. Start with the repairs. List them from bigger to smaller and have a price estimate. Also, see with your agent if there’s something else you can do to increase the selling price.

Decide what furniture and appliances stay and go. If they are in bad shape, you might want to consider not leaving them all, because they can influence the price. Renting a storage unit might also help if you need to remove the furniture before an open house. Also, a few aesthetic touches might also help, for example painting the walls or refreshing the woodwork.

Outer appearance is also important

What your house looks like from the outside is the first impression it will make on potential buyers. Hire a gardener or put on those gloves yourself, but clear the access path, re-paint the gate or mow the grass, get a 4-cycle weed eater, and whatever needs to be done to your house looks presentable from the outside. This, along with some small fixes inside the house, can help you sell it at the best price. Make sure that your real estate agent is up to date with all the improvements and will take them into account when appraising the house.

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Prepare for the open house

Now that you’ve fixed what needed fixing, made some improvements, the moment has come to welcome the potential buyers. Buy some fresh flowers and place them in a vase. Make a pot of coffee and let the smell of fresh brew engulf the visitors. Serve those baked cookies and pastries, and choose the time of day when the lighting is the best. All these tricks will give a homey and welcoming feel to your guests and help them look at the house as a potential home and not an investment.

One last sweep

It’s over – you’ve sold your house, bought a new one and it’s time to concentrate on furnishing and decorating your new home. Well, not quite. It might be pointless to you, but before handing over the key and leaving your ex-home for good, experts dealing with removals in Sydney suggest you should perform an optimal bond cleaning. Many contracts nowadays have a clause explicitly requesting to hand over the house in a pristine state. Failing to do so can be one of the deal breakers and soon enough your house might be back on the market and could end up in court for breach of contract.

Goodbye old house, hello new one

Putting all of the above-mentioned things in order will help you with the transition and moving into your new home. There’s a lot of work for you there and you’d want to get on it with enthusiasm and joy for decorating and remodeling, and not see it as yet another burden to bear. And remember, having a good plan will always be your best friend in demanding times.


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