How to Design the Perfect Home Office

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

Home offices are ultimate workplaces. Your surroundings are familiar, there is no need for commuting to work, snacks and lunch are within your reach, and you are free to organize your space accordingly, starting from the wall colors to the choice of the equipment. Still, a perfect home office is not that easy to set up. Be aware of the following points that need to be addressed and the mistakes that should be avoided.

Choose the Location

It goes without saying that you will be spending a lot of time in your home office, so make sure you have enough space and do not choose the smallest room in your house just because nobody else uses it. You need to feel comfortable.

Also, think about how often your family members will pass by your office and how much peace and quiet you will get. Are you able to distance yourself from such distractions? The last thing to bear in mind is the possibility of clients coming over – you need to have a space for them too.

Set up the Lightning

Plenty of hours under bad lighting will eventually lead to eye strain and annoying headaches. You need to provide your home office with plenty of high-quality lighting that is both soothing and clear, especially if there is not enough of natural daylight (which would be the best choice of lighting to use during the day). (

The position of your computer is important too – make sure the light from the window or from the overhead bulb does not glare on the computer monitor. You could also put a small lamp on your desk for those all nighters.

home office simple white design plans

Strive to Achieve a Professional Outlook

Even though your home office should suit your own needs, you must not forget that you depend on your clients too, so you need to adjust some things according to their needs as well.

First, you will need to have a separate phone line to the office, so the line is not busy if a client tries to reach you. Also, when buying the equipment, choose something that works fast because you do not want to keep your clients waiting.

Your home office still needs to look like a real one to your respected clients, so consider installing display stands with useful information for them, such as brochures, portfolio, information about your line of work, etc. Professionality is what will help you retain your clients and separate you from the competition.


Home offices are not usually very spacious, so organize your stuff carefully. Floating shelves are a better solution for your folders and numerous piles of paper than your desk, which should only be used for the work in progress and for everyday office equipment.

Highly important papers should also be within your reach, so consider putting a couple of vertical folders for them on the desk. If you are prone to stacking piles upon piles of paper, get a basket for storage. If you work better with a clean desk, dedicate a drawer for storing paper.

home office laptop on table and work organized

Take Care of Your Health

Spending most of your working week in one room sitting in one place can be damaging to your health, especially if you did not take care of things that can give you comfort. The chair you will be sitting on day after day needs to be a high-quality one. It is an investment that will pay off during the years to come.

Another thing to choose carefully are the mouse and keyboard pads. They need to be ergonomic, allowing your fingers and wrists to relax while working. You need to reduce the stress on your body as much as you can.

Almost There

Your home office should be a reflection of who you are and what your job is. It should be space where you are feeling relaxed and motivated, but at the same time, it needs to be a professional working area where your clients feel that good job is being done. That is when it becomes the perfect home office.


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