Get Rid Of Eczema On Your Eyelids Without Side Effects!

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One of the most embarrassing problems people across the world face today is eczema. This condition is made worse when it appears on your eyelids. There are several reasons for this state to appear on your eyelids and make you look older than your biological age however prevention is always better than a cure. If you carefully examine your eyelids, you will find that its skin is very dry and thin. This means you have to be careful when you are addressing the issue. Most of the time, use of the wrong cosmetics is the leading cause of you having eczema on the eyelid. This is the reason why you should always check the products you buy and ensure they are tested for sensitivity or allergies.

Address the woes of having flaky eyelids

Many people suffer from swollen and red eyes that snatch their confidence and self-esteem. The major predicament of this problem is that when you think you have cured the area, the irritation flares up again and you are back to square one. The issue is bad if you are prone to the condition called ‘chronic eczema’. This makes the problem a permanent one, and it often results in social withdrawal at times.

There is a cure for eczema on your eyelids

When you have eczema on eyelidwoes, you must ensure you take preventive measures for a cure. The first step is to stop rubbing your eyelids causing friction and irritation to them. Hot water too has the ability to agitate the sensitive skin on your eyelids, and so it is important for you to shield them when you are taking a bath or a shower from the very warm water. You must ensure that the water you use is lukewarm in nature. When you are using the nozzle of your shower, ensure you adjust the pressure to such an extent that it does not irritate or cause friction to your eyelids. This is a simple tip that can go a very long way when it comes to preventing your eyelid from the irritable outbreak of eczema.

Get Rid Of Eczema On Your Eyelids Without Side Effects!

What happens when you feel the itch?

Yes, there are cases when the sensitivity is so high that you need to itch your eyelid for relief. No matter how much you restrain yourself but the need to scratch the area is very intense. It is here that a topical cream called Lidocaine can help. It consists of a special ingredient called Colloidal Oatmeal that is made in Korea. It is a powerful antidote to the itch and irritation you feel when you have eczema on your eyelids. This surgical cream is safe and recommended to use when you feel the powerful itch.

When you are applying this Lidocaine cream, ensure that you take a little on your ring finger and massage it gently inside. The skin around your eyelids is very fragile, and so you must make sure that you are gentle when it comes to the application of this highly effective topical cream for eczema.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular of is a skilled beauty consultant and skin specialist based in the USA.


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