Exquisite wood furniture to beautify your home guideline

Exquisite wood furniture

Good style and elegance is in the detail. Whether you prefer a simple and convenient home interior décor style or an experimental and playful looking one, the uniqueness and grandness finally lies in the design and its execution.

One of the most ancient and amongst the first materials used to build furniture was wood. Eventually other materials like natural fibers, stone, metal, and plastic came into use an would also be usually combined with wood in the case of furniture. Today with the emerging technologies and diversity in the material itself, wood is that one material which is versatile and that can be harmonized with most home interior décor styles and patterns.

There are multiple ways in which ‘wood’ can be incorporated in your home interior and furniture plan. The material can be used in its natural state; solid wood, an engineered format; which includes veneers and processed wood boards like Ply and MDF and in an artificial manner, which is basically a digital wood tile wherein the grains, color and the type of the wood is digitally manipulated and then printed onto the tile in accordance to the look you had wish to attain by the end at the exterior.

It is often perceived that wooden furniture pieces when placed in home interiors portray a traditional and bygone image by the front. While that is true, when tweaked in an appropriate manner, one can possibly achieve to create a contemporary looking house. A mere change in the design style or selection of the furniture piece is a simple way of moving towards a cotemporary-looking home interior with wooden elements. A furniture design exclusive of too many carves and curvature for instance is a good option to start at. One could also purchase wooden furniture combined with another material, maybe metal to give it a modern touch. Of course for people who enjoy the antique and ancient feel that a house imparts, exquisitely and intricately carved wooden furniture is what you should be ideally picking.

The ideas listed below will give you some inspiration on how to beautify your home interior décor with some exquisite wooden objects or elements:

  • Pick a style– Select between a cozy traditional appearance and a fresh and bubble some contemporary look for your home interior décor. Plan for wooden flooring along with wooden furniture to create a cozy cocoon like environment. While, creating contrasts with fresh colors and patterns near your  wooden furniture piece for a modern and trendy look.
  • Adopt a theme– Value space divisions in your home. Choose different themes for different room spaces within your home. This will add to creating a surprise and exciting element and will further allow you to experiment with different styles of setup. For example in the living room you could merely have wooden furniture placed on marble flooring and in the other room in your house you could have wooden flooring with metal and glass furniture.
  • Co-create contrast- Build contrast and associations with other elements present in the house to enhance your interior style décor. For instance in the presence of a patterned flooring any wooden furniture placed on it would stand elegant.
  • Decide on your finish– Choose the appearance you would like to give your home. Would you prefer a rustic look or a clean and neat refine look for your interiors?
  • Mix and match– to beautify your wooden furniture or flooring layer it with elements and add color. For example place a colored or a designed table runner on the wooden table. This will enhance the entire look of the space and add a class to the interior décor of your home.
  • Latest is not always the best: It is not necessary for one to own the latest wooden furniture design piece. The best is when you have picked the right artifact match for your home.
  • Do your homework– Set up a plan of action. Conduct right purchases so as to be able to beautify your home with perfect wooden interior elements.

Try following some of these rules to find out if they stand true in your case. At Lalco interiors we provide you with a variety of styles in wooden furniture category so as to balance all your desired needs for home interior decor. Visit our retail outlets in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore to grab the best pick for your den. For we believe that the beauty lies in the execution and the style of the placement of all the gathered interior décor elements.

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akshay m guest author bioAkshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interiors Best Furniture Shops in Bangalore.


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