Don’t stop infertility from ruining your life

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Infertility can ruin people’s lives and their relationships as well. Many marriages fails because of this problem and so many homes break at a point. It becomes necessary for some couples at one point to have their own children. While some remain okay with it even if they don’t have and some even don’t try for it, but for some this can cause problems in their relationships and several marriages broke down because of this reason. Infertility can be a severe problem in people’s life so it needs to be cured to save more families from breaking down and to make sure that people get their dream come true and children’s laughter fills empty houses once again.

According to the best fertility doctor in India, average couples conceive easily after having unprotected sex regularly, but for some this becomes a challenge. Someone is declared infertile when even after one year of having regular and unprotected sex women are not getting pregnant. The rise in number of both male and women infertile patients are increasing every day. As lifestyles are changing and everything is getting distorted so does the increase in number of infertile patients and this is causing stress among couples which is more responsible for causing infertility. Infertility is not the woman’s problem alone the man can be equally responsible for it. Our society tends to blame the woman, but the man is also one hundred percent responsible many times. Both the husband and wife needs to visit the doctor regularly so that they can identify their problem. Both needs to get check-ups regularly so that the main problem can be identified and treatment can start accordingly. With the improvement in healthcare and technology infertile treatments have also improved a lot and now there are lots of techniques that are used by top 10 ivf doctors in India to make sure that couples can have children again. Sometimes the problem is unidentifiable and that causes more problems, but generally most cases are cured by treatments. In women it is caused mainly because of the following reasons: chlamydia, gonorrhoea, if ovulation stops, endometriosis, if the quality of the egg is pure, problems with fallopian tube, uterine fibroids, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), scar tissue, birth defect, DES syndrome, Hypothalamic dysfunction, Pelvic tuberculosis, Cervical stenosis, drug abuse, alcohol and too much of smoking, thyroid problems, obesity, anorexia, hormonal problems, and menstrual cycle problems. In male the causes are: pituitary disorder, Gonad disorder, sperm transport problems, Testicular problems, Testicular inflammation, Genetic condition, Drug abuse, Alcohol and too much smoking, mumps infection, hormonal disorders, exposure to chemical and radiation, too much wearing of very tight underwear for a longer period, groin area injury, hernia problems, Premature ejaculation, Retrograde ejaculation, Erection dysfunction, too much intake of anabolic steroids, obesity, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and Varicoceles. All these are known reason for both male and female, but there are known reasons as well that can cause infertility in both men and women. However, consult your doctor and start your treatment immediately. Sometimes prolonged treatment will be required, but in the end all will be worth it.


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