How to Choose the Best Debt Relief Company

How to Choose the Best Debt Relief Company

If you are staggering under the impact of ever-mounting debts, you must know that you are not an exception. If statistics were to be believed last year, the credit card debt for American families on an average amounted to over $16,000 excluding mortgage loans, personal loans, and medical debts. Many reasons are attributed to why you seem to be perpetually struggling under so much debt. Debt scenario could be overwhelming if you have been fired from your job, if your salary has gone down but the expenses still remain the same etc. Often people are drowned in debts after a divorce or maybe because of underemployment.

You could opt for one of the effective debt management and relief options to get rid of the overpowering debts and achieve financial independence. However, your first step towards seeking financial freedom is opting for reliable professional assistance so that you are able to come out of the debts successfully. You must choose the best debt relief company in town if you wish to get rid of the overwhelming debts. There are many benefits of hiring the experts in the trade. However, choose a company that has the perfect credentials and is a trusted company.

Factors to Consider

You could start your search for the right professionals by asking yourself two simple questions. Firstly, you need to ask what the company would be doing for you and secondly, ask if you are handling a real company. You must be aware that money would be generating a lot of interest and it would be attracting numerous scammers. So, be wise while choosing a company that promises to offer quick and effective relief from your overpowering debts. One could easily identify a fake company if they insist on taking fees upfront. This is certainly against the rules of the government.

Accreditation & Membership

A reliable and reputed debt consolidation or debt settlement company would be a member of the BBB or the Better Business Bureau. The company must possess an A-rating. A company could be regarded as safe if it has been operating in this line of work for over 5 years. The company must be a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC). This is a reputed agency that acts as a watchdog and demands trust, clarity, legitimacy, and fairness from its member companies. This implies that a member of AFCC is bound to follow and uphold religiously its standards and could be trusted. They would be keeping your best interests in mind.

Online Reviews

A reliable company would be boasting of numerous online reviews and most of the reviews would be favorable. It should be getting higher ranks on various review sites like Best Debt Companies, Debt Settlement Review 2017, and Top Consumer Reviews etc.


Any reputable company would be operating with utmost transparency. You would be included in each and every step of the debt management and negotiation process. You would be interacting with a competent and smart debt counselor who would be leading you efficiently through the process.


To sum it up, you must opt for a reputed company which does not charge any upfront fees, boasts of necessary accreditations and certifications that prove their legitimacy. Moreover, choose a legit company that flaunts a great rating with BBB.


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