Do You Need to Replace Your Tile Roof?

Do You Need to Replace Your Tile Roof?

Is your tile roof rusty, worn out, beyond restoration, damaged or simply old & out-of-date? Roof tiling is one of the best and most popular ways to transform your tired worn roofs into the best looking and stylish house. Using today’s standards and guidelines, a tile roof built today can last a minimum of 15 years, while there are some lasting up to 30 years.

There are a lot of factors that lead to the increase or decrease of a roof tile’s life shell. Many determining factors such as the environmental conditions and what kind of underlayment is used make a lot of difference.

  • There are pests and birds that also act as a factor in the life span of roof tiles.
  • Another determining factor that will decrease the life span of your roof is the debris.
  • Keeping trees and leaves of your roof will keep your roofing system clean and restored.
  • In most cases, roof tile replacement is not necessary. There are a few circumstances when you would be required to throw away your existing tile and buy all new. The three main reasons when this can happen are because of manufacturer, color or shape & profile.
  • If the manufacturer went out of business and no longer makes the tiles of your color or profile, then there are high chances that you have to replace the existing ones.
  • The best part about roof tiling is that you can replace a few missing or damaged tiles. Roofing companies are experts in trying to find your tile and make them match though it might not be complete match but close enough. Sometimes there are no hidden areas and the number of tiles needed to be replaced is huge, then in this case, unfortunately, you will be forced to buy new tiles.

There are certain signs which indicate that you need to replace your roof!

  1. Your roof being one of the most visible areas of your exterior, it is important that we preserve its beauty. Overtime, your roofs are exposed to various elements and damage it. And said earlier, if the damage is too extensive to be solved then you will need to replace the roof tile completely.
  2. The roofs are generally tricky. You cannot always see a problem because the underlayment is hidden by the tiles. The best way to keep your roof tile from getting replaced is to constantly do roof maintenance. It is important to have roof inspection done to identify any possible workmanship issue that might appear in the future. As your roof reaches its full life expectancy, say 10 or more years, look for signs of underlayment’s damage so that you can prepare for a new roof when the time comes.
  3. You might find signs that show curling, drying, shrinking or brittle underlayment of tile roof. If your underlayment isn’t installed correctly even then there will be problems in the tile roofing and may cause problems like leakage or it might shrink due to heat overtime.

Roof tiling has always been a popular roofing style around the world and is known for its superior durability and longevity. There are various kinds of tiles to consider while replacing your roof tile. All these tiles have their own benefits. Tiles like metal tiles, composite tiles, cement or concrete tiles, clay or Spanish tiles and slate tiles etc.

One thing that is common between all these types of tiles is that they are more energy efficient than other roofing systems such as asphalt shingles etc. With these many choices of roofing tiles, you can choose one that is not only aesthetically pleasing and enhances the overall style of your home but also saves money on your energy bill!

Do You Need to Replace Your Tile Roof?

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