Top tips to hire a remodeling contractor

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A home renovation can help the walls of your house sing and give a new life to your property, only if it is done right. On the other hand, a renovation which is done wrong can appear disastrous and even reduce the current value of your property.

Whatever be the reason for home renovation, hiring a good contractor takes precedence. It is only when you assign the job to the right person can you expect a good makeover.

We talked to several renovation builders in Auckland to seek their guidance about the steps to take before hiring a contractor which helped us in building a list for you.

When you are on the lookout for a remodeling contractor, do not forget to keep these tips in mind:

Look at past projects

You can tell a lot about the quality of work by looking at the past profile of the contractor. If possible, go and visit the places in person. Otherwise, take a sneak peek into the gallery of the work carried out by the concerned contractor. Make sure that the gallery has both before and after pictures to help you get an insight of the work.

Get free quotes

You can easily get free quotes from the contractors either online or by calling them up. This will help you in choosing a contractor who can do the renovation in an affordable budget.

Go for referrals

If you are looking online, the best way to make a choice is by looking at the feedback section of the website. This helps you understand the experience of past clients and make a wise decision. Similarly, you can ask your friends, family, relatives or colleagues for referrals. Find from them about renovation contractors with whom they have had a positive experience. This will help you eliminate uncertainty.

Check credentials

A good contractor will have the necessary license required for him to operate in that state. Also, check the experience and expertise of the contractor. (ambien) Do a thorough research. See if they possess some well known certificates. The fate of your house renovation is in the hands of the contractor so do a research accordingly.

Talk to different contractors

Before picking someone to do the work, talk to different contractors and discuss your requirements with them. Plan out the renovation layout and see if it fits your needs. Looking at their profile will also ease your task since you will be aware of the kind of work they do and whether it matches your expectations.

Check their list of customers

Are the customers happy and satisfied with the end results? Does the contractor guarantee customer satisfaction? Take also these factors into consideration and keep patience. Do not rush into it as it may spoil the renovation plan for you and it may not turn out the way you expect it. Take your time. Also, ask from the contractor about the time he is planning to give to the renovation project.


In the end, it is the quality of work that will shine through. Renovation mistakes are something you cannot hide. Hence make it a point to count in all the factors that will determine the work finish. Whether it is the equipment being used, quality of material, experience of the contractor; everything counts. Ignoring even one of these aspects can keep you away from your dream home renovation project.


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