8 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy

Boost Your Energy lemon water


With the arrival of Summer comes the arrival of special events. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, garden parties and many more. The days are longer and sun shines brighter, so it’s important to make the most of it. Having said that, longer days can mean you feel more tired and drained than usual. So, to not miss out on all the fun, you need to find natural ways of boosting your energy. That’s where food comes in.

Lemon Water

If you’re looking for an energy boost, ditch the caffeine and replace it with warm water and slice of lemon. It’s one of the simplest ways to energise yourself and you don’t have to throw each slice of lemon away after you’ve finished drinking; you can use them up to three times. Many people think that eating and drinking too many lemons is bad for you because of the acidity. However, when a lemon is absorbed in the body, it becomes alkaline. Lemon has the electrolytes you need to function properly and the water will stop you from getting dehydrated and fatigued.


The natural sugars in fruit are much better for your energy levels than a bar of chocolate. Packed with fibre, whatever fruit you choose as a snack will help to level out your blood sugars. Fruits are also full of the vitamins we need to be at our best. Most fruits contain vitamin C which helps us to maintain and boost our immune system. You can’t party like it’s 1999 if you stuck in bed with a Summer cold.

Boost Your Energy nut assortment



A lot of nuts are high in magnesium. We need this vitamin so our body can easily convert sugar into energy. They won’t just boost your energy; they’re also a great snack to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. Nuts are full of protein, so you’ll find you won’t get as hungry as easily after eating them. Why not use some Cuisineart pots and pans to flavour your nuts with some honey? Honey roasted nuts are delicious and you get the added bonus of natural sugar.


We need carbohydrates in our diet, but simple carbohydrates won’t do anything but you feel temporarily energised and then you’ll come crashing down into fatigue. Complex carbohydrates are the exact opposite. They’ll work with your body to make sure you don’t crash if you do eat processed foods or sugary snacks for lunch. Start your day off with whole-grain toast, oatmeal or granola breakfast bars. Setting yourself up in the right way every day can make sure you still have energy left when you return home from work.

Boost Your Energy asparagus



The great thing about asparagus is that you can use it with many different recipes. It makes a great side vegetable on a variety of different dishes. This veg is brimming with B vitamins which is what you need to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. If you normally feel sluggish in the afternoons, why not make yourself a salad for lunch time and include some sprigs of asparagus?

Peanut Butter

It may look like a guilty pleasure, and it’s true that peanut butter is calorie rich. However, it’s also full of protein and fibre. If you’re using a shop bought brand, you’ll need no more than 2 tablespoons on your toast or sandwich. If you want to use more throughout the day, why not have a go at making your own peanut butter from scratch?


For a balanced diet, there needs to be a little fish on the menu every week. That’s because a lot fish is full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty oils. Salmon is known to improve brain function, as well as boost your energy and your mood. It’s also a smart choice for anyone at risk of heart issues because it helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. The fresher you can get your fish, the better.


Bananas are fantastic for a snack on the go. There’s a reason many fitness experts recommend eating a banana before a workout. It gives you the energy you need to be active, quickly. One banana is full of fibre, vitamin B and potassium. It’s also a versatile fruit. You can take it with you as part of your lunch, cut up pieces to put on top of your breakfast, add it to a fruit smoothie or even use it in a dessert. There’s no excuse to not find time for bananas.

When you know how to use food to give your body what it needs, you’ll never look back.


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