Deck Builders: Best Decking Designs to Beat the Summer Heat

Best Decking Designs deck builders

After the chilly winter with all its snow gone, summer is so welcoming for all. We all want to enjoy the summer sun and get some good tan. Decks are perfect places to enjoy the sunny weather as it allows a living experience outside the home. It may be installed in your backyard, your garden or your lawn the deck is a place where you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with your friends and family. Deck building is not a DIY thing. In this case professional deck builders can help you out.

The summer often comes with scorching sun and so you should carefully plan before getting into deck building for the summer season. Your deck must be a comfortable place to enjoy outdoor climate. When you are looking into different deck designs for summer you must let your own creativity flow instead blindly following highly ambitious home improvement magazines. The deck building must be accomplished not only keeping the aesthetics in mind, but also by looking into the functionality of the outdoor living area. There are some major aspects of deck building regarding which you can consult your deck builders.

Some key deck designs for summer and a few deck building considerations:

Here are some points regarding which you can use the help of your deck builders. These points are essential for summer deck building and you must keep them in mind while building or renovating your deck space for summer:

  • Colour of your summer friendly deck:

When you are looking forward to beating the scorching summer sun but enjoying the summer atmosphere in your outdoor deck space, at the same time you have to be very picky choosy about the colour of your deck. Lighter shades of blue and green are always eye soothing colours for the summer. Paint your deck with hues of teal, sea green, turquoise etc. Use of oceanic hues help create a soothing atmosphere and it blends well with the shades of your garden space. Ask your deck builders to take inspiration from cruise ships.

White and various shades of it are always welcoming for summer seasons. You may also experiment with various shades of greys for your deck and deck related accessories and furniture. Shades of lime green, mango-yellow, mild pink etc can be considered as well but restrain from going into darker tones as they will absorb more heat. Go for hues that reflect the heat and light well.

Best Decking Designs nice deck

  • Providing a shade on your summer deck:

The shade is an important part of the summer deck. Ask your deck builders to build a well light and heat reflecting summer shade for your summer deck. Without the shade, the scorching summer sun may seem too much unbearable. The shade not only protects you from direct sunlight but it also protects from the debris falling from trees. The shade of the deck must be tinged to protect from direct sun but the tinge must not deviate from summer friendly shades. It may be contrasting to the shades of the deck but it should blend well with the remaining summer friendly atmosphere.

  • Do not over crowd your summer deck with furniture:

Keeping your deck clean, open and spacious will do the trick for beating the summer sun. Your deck builders know this secret well. Consult your builders regarding this. Overcrowding the deck with furniture is a big no for summer time. The place needs to be well aerated. Pick only essential furniture for your deck. Choose contrasting summer friendly colours for your sofas and chairs. Accessories your deck with sea-shells, conch-shells etc to keep an ocean-like feeling.


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