Getting Ready To Move Home?

Getting Ready To Move Home? truck



Getting everything ready to go before moving out feels like you’ve got a million tasks to do and not enough time to do them in. For those with a family in tow might feel their stress levels ramped up to 11! However, it needn’t be a massive headache from start to finish, and it’s all to do with the preparation! Here’s your definitive method to getting yourself ready to get outta Dodge!

Task 1: Make A List

It amazes me how many people don’t plan and prepare themselves properly. Make a list! You will have everything in one handy place, and you can add tasks on as you go, and ticking them off one by one brings you closer to your final goal.

Task 2: Call The Professionals!

If you are making a big move cross-country, then you will need to call in professional movers who have dealt with this type of stuff before. While you may think that it’s easier to rope in a bunch of family members to help out, there is only so much stuff they can fit in their cars. So is it worth you leaving it all last minute to find out that not everything will fit in your convoy? Luckily, so many moving businesses are able to do everything, it makes more sense financially.

Task 3: Check The Dimensions

A new home that’s larger on the inside doesn’t mean that everything will fit easily through the door. If it’s possible to do so, take measurements before moving day so you can start to plan ahead and dismantle bigger tables, so they will be able to fit through the door. Or you may have to implement a backup plan, like attaching furniture to rope and winching it up to a first-floor window.

Task 4: Be Ruthless!

If you are making a big move, with a lot of stuff, do you really need it all? You need to take no prisoners when it comes to perishables like documents, or even frozen food. Or better still, have a frozen meal buffet in the days leading up to the move. If you pile everything into categories of “essential” and “quite essential” you can probably bin the “quite essential!” Dumping the dead weight will make for a much lighter (and quicker) journey.

Task 5: Label Everything!

Getting Ready To Move Home? boxes stacked

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This is the biggie. You need to be able to access the essentials when you’ve moved in at the other end so label the boxes with clear writing and label on the top and on the side. If you need to grab something you accidentally packed quickly, that will be a massive time saver.

Task 6: Rest

Preparing for moving day is a massive stress, and you can constantly worry about little details. So go back to your list and make sure everything is crossed off. Then you rest because if you exhaust yourself way before you have to start moving boxes, you’ll be no good on the day! So take it easy, and save your energy.


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