5 Great Indoor Exercises For When It Is Raining Outside

Indoor Exercises doing yoga woman

Bummed because it’s raining on your outdoor workout? Can’t jog on flooded streets? No worries. Working out at home is quite easy and fun nowadays, thanks to technology. Whether you have equipment at home or just an app with downloadable workouts, you have more than you need to stay fit and active.

Rowing Machine

If you have a rowing machine in your home, you’re in luck! Rowing is a full body exercise that works both cardiovascular and muscle strength. Plus, you can burn up to 50 percent more calories than you would on an elliptical, depending on how hard you’re working. You don’t even need to do your rowing machine workout for long. In under 20 minutes, opting for about 23-36 strokes per minute with the flywheel set between 3-5, and you’ll have an amazing workout that torches calories and burns those leg muscles.

Spinning Class

An awesome thing about technology is that you can have a great workout anywhere you go if you simply stream it to a device. There are a number of spinning class apps and programs out there. So, if you have a spin bike, you technically never have to leave your home for a decent class. Some of the best applications are Peloton Cycle, Motion Traxx (it’s free!), and Seconds Pro, which turns any workout into an interval workout—even on your indoor cycle.


Roll out the mat at home, turn off the lights, and enjoy doing Yoga to the ambient sounds of rain pattering against the windowsill. If you have been going to class for a while, then you should have a full arsenal of poses to do at home that you don’t need an instructor for. Or, you can again stream a yoga workout onto your TV, phone, or computer to get a pleasant, relaxing class without ever stepping outside.

Full Body Circuits

Your home is already a jungle gym, you simply have to put the pieces together! Have steps? You can climb up and down the steps (or use a low chair), do push-ups against the kitchen counter, and ever do full body Tabata or HIIT circuits to hit all the major muscle groups. For example, you can jog in place, do burpees, climb the steps (or do step-ups onto the ottoman or stool), do jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, then finish with a core move. Repeat that 3-4 times as fast as you can.


The last option is to turn on some feel good tunes and dance like nobody’s watching. Heck, you can even go outside to dance and sing in the rain! Getting your groove on either by your lonesome or with a cardio dance workout like Zumba, you can realistically burn 300 to 550 calories in an hour. Again, it depends on how much you’re moving and shaking, but either way, you’re having fun!

Don’t let the gray skies and puddles dissuade you from having an excellent workout. Just because your home isn’t the gym or the trail, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results as you would working out elsewhere. Most exercises can be done in any amount of space, so get creative and have fun!


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