Maxing Out Your Style with a Maxi Dress

Maxing Out Your Style with a Maxi Dress plant tunnel

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Maxi dresses don’t seem to be going anywhere. They’ve been eye-catching items that every woman should have in her wardrobe for years now. The styles might change, but the impressive lengths stay the same. While maxi dresses have been around for a number of years, many women are still hesitant to try one. For one thing, if you’re a shorter woman, finding a dress that works for you can be difficult. Styling a maxi dress can actually be much easier than you think. They can be fairly dramatic so you can let them speak for themselves. Here are some tips that might help you.

Get the Dress That Works for You

Firstly, you have to find the maxi dress that suits you. Not every dress will work for every woman, so you need to find your style. Try exploring some online clothing boutiques to find your dress. One thing to consider is height. If you’re particularly petite or tall, standard maxi dresses might not work out for you. Fortunately, you can usually find maxi dresses in petite and tall sections too. You can also consider buying a dress and getting it altered if it’s too long for you. Consider the style of the dress, the season, and your personal tastes. Maybe you like a boho look, or you want something more glam.

Choose Shoes Carefully

Much of the time, when you put on a maxi dress, it’s easy to immediately go for a pair of flip-flops or casual sandals to pair with it. After all, maxi dresses are often more suited to summer, and you might be trying for a more relaxed style. However, there are lots of ways you can match your shoes to your maxi dress. Try going for a super casual look with a pair of sneakers. Or make things a little more dressy and raise the hemline of your dress with a pair of heels instead. Your shoes don’t have to be flat, although you might prefer that to enjoy the floor length of the dress.

 Maxing Out Your Style with a Maxi Dress woman outdoors

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Add a Jacket for Cooler Days

Maxi dresses don’t need to be for sunny days only. While they make great floaty numbers for hot days, you can also wear them when it’s cooler. A denim or leather jacket adds an excellent heavier layer on top, which contrasts with the light material of your dress. A long-sleeved dress can also be a good choice for those cooler days. (

Find the Right Bag

One of the perpetual annoyances of women’s clothes is that they often don’t have pockets. You’ll be lucky to find any in a maxi dress, but at least it gives you a good excuse to carry a beautiful bag. A shoulder bag is useful for a general day out, but you might want a smart clutch for a more formal evening look. Try to keep it understated if you want to let your dress shine.

There’s no need to be scared of wearing a maxi dress. They look good on almost anyone if you find the right dress and style it properly.


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