Artistic Designs With Meaning and Function

Artistic Designs cabinet of wood

Image by – Wmpearl

Ever thought about giving your home a distinct feeling that reflects your lifestyle and personality? Not every home should be the same, lest everybody become dull and relentless in always picking the ‘safe’ option. A home should reflect who you are, and more importantly, it should be catered for your needs. Designing rooms and decor to fit purposes and fulfill lifestyle choices is something that everyone faces with a shrug of the shoulders and a look far from expressing glee. Not everyone is a design genius, and sometimes being too outlandish can come back to make you look ridiculous. However, if you put practicality at the forefront of your artistic choices, then the function of the decor becomes the focal point of the room. Exerting flare and exuberance without any form or reason can be seen as bourgeois and a bit of a showoff move. With that in mind, put function over style for the sake of style.

Storage doesn’t need to look like storage

Traditionally the sideboard has been used to store your crockery, cutlery and dinner plates. However, with designer sideboards, the humble abode of the dinner apparatus has been transformed into a pretty much anything which takes your fancy. It no longer needs to be a dwelling area for your silverware and tea cups. Glass sideboards are a place where you can display your hobby craft, such as your paintings, sketches, and sculptures. As it takes refuge in the living room or the dining area, your collections can be shown on display to guests who come over for a dinner party. Photos of your travels around the world, collections of Russian porcelain dolls, an installation of paintings or books you’re currently reading, can express your nature and be conversation starters with your guests and friends. A classy alternative a sideboard can be to store your alcohol and glasses. Your finest spirits, gin and tonics, brandy, whiskeys and liqueurs may position themselves like an exhibition of your extravagant tastes and show you have a cultured palate.

Artistic Designs lounge chair

Photo by – Michael Pardo

Making a cozy reading space

Sometimes it feels like reading is a dying pastime. And that’s an absolute shame because, it’s an escape for the soul, a valid reason to get lost in a world of imagination. It helps you grow, formulate emotions, and learn about the complications of life and how to overcome them. To inject the molten lava of passion back into your life, sometimes you need to make a den, a nest or some kind of hovel for reading to be given the chance to whisk you away. Where you sit and how comfortable you are will facilitate your transition from the normal world to the land of silk dreams on cotton wool clouds. A Hudson Bristol saddle tanned swivel chair is a next where you can curl up in a ball with your feet up and begin your journey into the land of Narnia. This type of reading chair must be placed in a ‘nook’ in your home. A darkened corner of a room, a spot at your patio door looking out on your garden, or perhaps even somewhere warm and quiet in your loft.


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