Getting Your Home Ready Before You Host a Party

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There’s a lot to take care of when you’re planning to host a party. The snacks, the invites, selecting the right playlist that’ll ebb and flow in sync with the atmosphere of the party…it’s not easy. We’re big believers in keeping things simple: put good people in a room together with food, drinks, and music, and they’ll have a good time. However, one thing that can’t be left to chance is the state of your home. Here’s your cheat sheet for getting your home in tip-top condition before you host.

Review The Space

It’s unlikely that your guests are going to be visiting every room in your home. As such, before you get to work you should take a look at where your guests will actually be during the party. This will probably be the kitchen, lounge area, and outdoor space if the weather is nice outside. If you have to block some rooms off, then so be it. Focus on the rooms that will actually be used; it’ll save you a lot of time.

Killing the Clutter

There’s going to be a lot of clutter and everyday items in the rooms you’ll be using for your party. While it’s easy to get rid of the books and papers that don’t usually belong in the room, you should also make an effort to get rid of the extra items that might make your room look cluttered. For the duration of the party, take away all the photos and other items that can make your home look overstuffed. Keep things simple!

A Deep Clean

You’re already aware that you need to give your home a clean before the party, but you should ensure you’re not just doing the bare minimum. This is your chance to give your home a deep clean, getting rid of all the murky build up that isn’t removed during our daily cleaning chores. Use a company like Green Dog Chem-Dry, and you’ll be able to have your carpet look spotless and get rid of those bad smells that can build up on our furniture. Also, don’t forget to go to town on the windows – they’re often overlooked by homeowners, but a guest will notice them straight away if they’re dirty.

Setting the Scene

Your home might usually be comfortable and enjoyable to be in, but a party needs a different vibe than the one when you’re unwinding in front of the TV. You have to make it look inviting, conducive to conversation, and all round pleasant to be in! You can do this by adding things like candles, scents, and ambient lighting. Also, you’ll have to make a call about seating. A lot of people like to stand at parties, but you should have more chairs available for those who want to take a seat. You might also want to remove any tables to open the space up for more standing.

The Right Temperature

You’ll want people to feel comfortable, so you need to get the temperature just right. What this will be will be determined by the time of year, but there’s one thing to bear in mind whatever the season is – and that is, that things get hot when people come together! If it’s winter, don’t automatically jack the heat because it’s cold outside. When everyone arrives, the body heat will raise the temperature, and people might become uncomfortable.

Entertainment and Snacks

The key to any successful party: the music, snacks, drinks, and people. When it comes to music, it’s important that you get the balance right. A steady playlist is key, but more important is the sound level. It has to be loud enough for people to recognize what’s playing, not loud enough that it stops people from being able to talk effortlessly to one another. Also, think about the location of the snacks. It’s a bit much to walk around serving them, but make sure they’re in spaces that can be easily reached.

Have Fun

By the time of the party, your home will be transformed into a party wonderland. No longer will it be your home: it’s not the scene for the best party in town! As soon as the first guest arrives, it’s time to get into fun mode. Don’t worry so much about whether everything is perfect; you’ve done all you can, and it’s too late now! The best hosts are the ones who can relax and have fun with their guests. After all, that’s the whole point of hosting one.


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