5 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Well, time just flies! As it’s already that time of the year when you can pack away those precious warm rugs to put them in storage and welcome, summers with arms wide open. It’s also that time of the year when most of the people head towards the beach to soak up some sun and catch a wave or two. But, for the DIY enthusiasts, the best part about it is that they get a lot of free time to make some really neat crafts. If you are ready to take up some amazing DIY home decor project this summer, how about these 5 unique ideas to get started with?

Summer Citronella Candles

As complicated as it may sound this craft is the one perfect for summertime. Not only for the indoor adventures, but it can also make a pretty outdoor centerpiece for a backyard get together. In fact, the ingredients required for this DIY project are simple enough to be easily found in your own kitchen garden. If not there, local grocery store for sure. If you’ve got a few extra minutes on your hand, do give this elegant DIY home decor a try. You already know you’ll love it, don’t you?

  • To assemble the candles, first of all, slice the lemons and limes. Since they’ll float right in the jar, it is recommended to add them in the last.
  • Place your favorite fresh herbs in the jar and then fill half of it with water.
  • Add about 10 drops of citronella oil to the herbs and water mixture. Next, add the sliced citrus and fill the rest of the jar with water.
  • Finally, add the floating candle to it and tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Green Terrariums

Terrarium in Singapore over the years have become a popular way to incorporate nature where the population is completely urbanized. If you too have a green thumb, but due to minimal garden space have not been able to live the dream, why not create your own mini world full of lush beautiful plants? They are low maintenance, easy to create that can last almost indefinitely with minimal water. This summer, try assembling a Singapore terrarium to feel amazed by its beauty.

  • Begin with thoroughly washing the container. Fill the bottom of it with a layer of rocks and pebbles to create a drainage layer.
  • Once it’s done, add another layer of activated charcoal to help reduce the bacteria, fungi, and odor from it.
  • Now, finally add enough soil so the plant roots have plenty of room to fit and then grow.
  • Next, take the plants out of the pot, break the hard soil and trim the roots if required. Then using your fingers dig a well to place the plant’s roots in it. Add more soil around the top and continue to plant in the same way.
  • At last, add accessories like a blanket of moss, little figurines, glass beads etc if you wish to.

Omber Dye Pillow Cases

We all have been through that moment where we sometimes look at the fabric stash and wish you had more of a particular color. Don’t you? In case yes, this summer consider refreshing your yardage by dying your fabric for a fresh spin on any fabric. Solid or printed, it can be a great way to branch out as a sewist or quilter. Not, only can you enjoy learning more about the process of how a fabric is made, but it can further allow you to customize your DIY projects using fabrics that are completely new to you.

But, this summer how about you begin with omber dying your pillow case to give them a subtle yet ethereal look to match with your favorite furniture and Singapore vinyl sheet flooring?

  • Get started with soaking the pillowcase in water. Next, begin painting the Dye-Na-Flow onto the end of a damp pillowcase, as you would like.
  • To give an omber finish thin out the colors by dipping the paint brush into the bowl. Continue with this process to achieve the desired dyed effect. Once, dry, turn the pillowcase inside out and run and iron over the dyed area to heat set it.

Hammock Chair DIY

DIY projects are a great way to teach your children independence or to nurture their creativity. So, this summer get them involved in creating a hammock chair for them to lounge and enjoy lazy afternoons in it. In fact, it can be made strong enough to be used by adults too. After all, who doesn’t like reading a good book and enjoying a boozy beverage sitting in a hanging chair? Whether you want to kick back in your backyard or chill in the living room on the best Singapore vinyl flooring, a hanging chair is a perfect solution to both.

  • To create it, fold the two yards of canvas in half. Cut it 7” from the top towards the closest bottom corner from the other side of the fold.
  • Open the canvas, fold the top edge 1/2” and iron flat. Once again fold and iron the canvas and repeat with the long bottom edge too.
  • Flip the canvas 90 degrees to the left so the longest edge is on the right to create pockets for the rope to slide through.
  • Fold the corners in about 11/2”, unhemmed top edge in 1/2” and iron flat both times. Fold again 11/2” and iron flat. Stitch two lines along the bottom folded edges and repeat with the other side.
  • Drill through the dowel at 2” and 4” mark at both ends. Now all you need to do slide in the ropes of the canvas, tie the ropes, hang the hammock and relax.

DIY Summer Sunflower Wreath

Wreaths are somehow everyone’s favorite as they tend to have a bright and cheerful aura. So, if you’re not much of a wreath lover, you need to give this project a try. You are going to love it not just because it’s too easy to put together without breaking your bank balance, but it will turn out to be the perfect piece to welcome summers right at the door of your house. All you’ll need is a grapevine wreath, burlap garland, a wooden letter and a bunch of sunflowers.

  • First, cut the sunflowers apart, so you have multiple single flowers on stems. Begin tucking them into the grapevine wreath using the vines to secure them in positions you would like them to be in.
  • Next up is the bow! Cut a few feet of burlap garland off and start towards the middle, creating a loop half the size you want your bow. Hold that loop with one hand and create another for the other side. Continue holding it in the middle, but secure the two loops with floral wire.
  • Now cut another piece of burlap and roll the ends together, secure it with a hot glue, attach it to the wreath along with the painted wooden letter and tada!

Which one of these DIY project are you going to get your hands on?

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