Rome Travel Guide: The Best Places to Visit

Rome Travel guide buildings

Italy has long since taken the position of being a top tourist destination in Europe. In fact, some would go as far as calling it the most favorite tourist destination among all European countries. And I can totally understand why. With cities like Milan, Venice, Naples, Florence, Pisa and Rome, there is no reason why the country would not have gained recognition. However, today I talk specifically about Rome. Being the capital of Italy, Rome is widely known all over the world for its religious & cultural importance, architectural wonders and rich history. Many travelers make sure that if there is one Italian city they can visit, it is Rome. Despite it being pricey, travelers try to make sure they visit at least once in their lifetime.

Every year, hundreds of business class flights to Rome arrive with enthusiastic businessmen and thousands of economy class flights land, overflowing with passionate travelers. Whether it is business class flights to Rome or economy class, they are both burdensome on the pocket. To make the trip a possibility, you have to make sure you have saved enough, because visiting Rome is definitely worth it. In this article, I list the best places to visit in the ever vibrant and crowded capital of Italy.

The Colosseum

Like I mentioned before, Rome has a rich historical background and it boasts some great remains left by the Romans. The Colosseum is one such place. This Roman Amphitheatre stands majestically in the center of the city and dates back to 70 AD. It is considered one of the finest examples of Ancient Roman Architecture. The Colosseum has been preserved with great care and the efforts by Italy to preserve its history are truly commendable.

Roman Forum

After the Colosseum, the Roman Forum remains to be the most iconic landmark in all of Italy. This is one place where you can glimpse into the past and understand life back in the Roman times. Here you will find not one, but several remains of important roman buildings.

Sistine Chapel

Rome is an important religious center, home to some great churches. Sistine chapel is one of the many beautiful churches in the city. It attracts more visitors because of its breathtaking ceiling painted by Michelangelo in the 16th century. It is a classic example of Renaissance architecture.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi fountain has been featured in numerous movies and shows. It is symbolic because visitors throw in coins for luck, which are later used to help the needy in Rome.


This roman church dates back to 126 AD. Like other places, the church has been preserved wonderfully and continues to enchant visitors from all over the world.

Vatican Museums

Located in the iconic Vatican City within Rome, the museums are a source of great fascination and wonder with some very popular art works and sculptures. Perhaps the museum’s most treasured piece is Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘St. Jerome in Wilderness’ painting.


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