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Traveling made easy together

No one wants to be that lonely traveler who seems to not know what he’s doing. I mean, imagine the very first moment of your journey: going to the embassy to get your visa. If you are a first-time traveler on your own, you go about asking everyone for a piece of advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, what to take with you, and so on and so forth. We all know it takes practice and tons of traveling to learn all of these and never have to ask others. But before that practice actually takes place, let’s see what are some of the major tips and tricks any traveler should know to make the process easier. These can be minor things everyone keeps forgetting about, but then we are here to remind you so that it never happens to you.

Always carry your passport with you

See, you’d think something as simple as carrying your passport or ID everywhere you go would be impossible to forget. Unfortunately, it happens A LOT, no matter if you forgot it in your hotel room or on the plane, your passport is literally your number one priority when traveling. Well, having money with you might be a little more important, but then if you put your passport/ID in your wallet, you’ll kill two birds with one shot, so that could do the trick. But honestly, I think this cannot be addressed enough: carry your passport everywhere you go while traveling. There are plenty of horror stories of people who lost or forgot their passports in a different country and the consequences were definitely not the most pleasant ones to deal with. Taking a good look at some of them is enough to make you hold onto that little document as if your life depended on it. And trust me, in some situations, the phrase is not even an exaggeration.

Take your hotel’s business card first thing you get to the hotel

When I say “minor” things people tend to forget while traveling, I do mean that sometimes those are literally small things, like a business card of your hotel. When traveling internationally, you may not have your amazing 3G with you. Or, you know, maybe some countries or cities do not have WIFI on every corner. So, if you somehow get lost in the city and do not know how to get back to the safety of your hotel, you might have a hard time finding your way back. In order for you to avoid such, let’s say, inconvenient situations, it’s safe to have your hotel’s address and phone number with you. You could always get away with a photo of the card or a screenshot from the hotel’s website, too, but just make sure to have anything that would help you get back unless you are a crazy fan of adventures to uncertainty.

Get someone reliable to translate your documents

Remember the embassy part we talked about in the beginning? I kid you not, that’s one of the most important ones. If you are not lucky enough to be a European, US, Canada or any other privileged country, citizens of which do not require a visa to enter the majority of the world’s countries, you need to approach the visa regime with full seriousness. In some places, the embassy of a certain country grants visas with quite a hassle such as making sure you have all of the necessary documents translated into a particular language. If you are proficient in the said language, go ahead and do it yourself if so you wish. But my advice is to refer to the help of professionals, such as experienced translating services who have previously dealt with such matters. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time and help get better chances of a smooth visa application process.

This topic has been discussed a lot throughout the web. A lot of avid travelers or companies give advice on some of the things you should pack with you to make traveling easier. And while those are indeed important nuisances left neglected, I suggest adding these ones to your list as well. Remember, traveling should be fun. Worries and inconvenient situations have no place there. So, avoid the hassle and prepare yourself for an adventurous ride with these tips.


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