Five good reasons to take a tennis break this summer

tennis break racket with ball on it

Are you thinking of taking a holiday that’s a little different? If you’re a fan of tennis or you would just love to get better at it, you can enjoy an amazing tennis break. Every year Britain is gripped with Wimbledon fever, so get ahead of the game and develop your forehand while you enjoy a lovely holiday. Here are five good reasons to take a tennis break this summer.

Get in shape

For most people it’s the case that they look forward to their holiday – but their waistline really doesn’t. Enjoying yourself and splurging on treats are naturally a big part of going on holiday, but sometimes when you come back from your stay and have trouble fitting into your trousers, you regret some of the choices that you’ve made. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A tennis break gives you the opportunity to reverse the expected holiday weight gain and actually return from your time off in better shape than when you left. The best part of it is the fact that you can still eat and drink whatever you like, safe in the knowledge that you’re are going to be burning off those calories during your training sessions.

tennis break racket on clay

You can do it in the UK

A common misconception about tennis breaks is that you have to go abroad to do them. Of course it is the case that you can go on tennis holidays abroad – Spain and France have some fantastic tennis facilities at countryside hotels – but it is by no means a necessity. In fact it is easy to find locations for amazing tennis breaks in the UK.

Due to the unpredictability of the British summer, it might be best to choose a hotel that has a mixture of both indoor and outdoor tennis facilities but these aren’t difficult to find. And choosing to have your tennis break in the UK will additionally save you the airfare and other travelling costs, as well as avoiding the fatigue and lost day of flying.

Stay at a country club

If you are thinking of taking your tennis break in the UK, you’ve got a range of options as to where you choose to stay. But it’s a brilliant idea to choose a luxurious country club. Many country clubs in the UK have their own tennis programme with a professional tennis coach on site, giving you the opportunity to learn from a pro.

And choosing a country club means that you will benefit from a lot more than just the tennis facilities. Of course it varies from club to club but you can expect to find wonderful accommodation, full spa facilities, excellent restaurants and pools. This has to be the best way to experience this kind of holiday in the UK.

tennis break woman swinging racket

Work on your game

One of the obvious benefits of going on a tennis holiday is the opportunity to improve your game. No matter whether you’re an experienced club player or a complete beginner, it’s a fantastic experience to get advice and training sessions from a professional coach who can guide you. Make sure that when you choose where you’re going to have your tennis break, you opt for a hotel or resort with their own tennis specialist.

When you return from your holiday you’ll be able to take on friends and show off the improvements you’ve made to your game. Also, you can check out BPPTR’s list for complete coverage and reviews of ping pong tables that will help you pick the right equipment to help elevate your table tennis game.

Meet like-minded people

When you go on holiday it is great to mix with people with similar interests. But on a standard holiday, it’s pretty much down to the luck of the draw. If you’re fortunate you might meet some people who you get along with, but it’s rare to form lasting friendships. When you’re on a tennis break, you’ll be introduced to people who also love tennis. This can make all the difference to the quality of your holiday.


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