Bit-Sized Guide For Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds buying guide

Before spending money on any electronics we often engage in a deep research and learn current market rates. Then, why not think a little bit before buying loose diamonds?

People consider loose diamonds as one of the best investments and spends umpteen amount of dollars. In this case, it becomes part and parcel to getting assured with the price worth for which you are making payment.

While splurging dollars on these precious stones, it is safe to look out for its worth. Each and everything depends on your awareness and jeweler’s smartness. A good jeweler can either get you the most or the least out of your purchase. This is the reason, why it is recommended to be highly cautious before making final payment for loose diamonds.

In contemporary times, acquiring loose diamonds is not only a fad restricted to ladies but also has become male priced possession. Diamond is such a thing which is adored by everyone.

If it’s for the first time that you’re buying loose diamonds, then it can be a thrilling experience. Everything you start with might look as an arduous task, but gaining extra knowledge for it gives you a clear idea. In the same way, it would be better to gain some basic knowledge on the same, before making the final payment.

4 C’s

Have you ever been introduced with 4C’s? 4C’s means Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. These four factors immensely affect beauty and value of diamonds.


Being one of the 4C’s, the cut is one of the most significant factors that affects glitz of diamond. These cuts on the diamonds are ranked by grades. Higher cut grades, better will it sparkle.

While buying loose diamonds examine what sorts of cut grades are assigned to your diamonds. A cut grade of a diamond shows the measurement of diamond’s light performance. The light that hits the cut of the diamond, reflects back and produces sparkle from it. This is the reason why the cut grade is considered for the glow and beauty of the diamond.


The color is the first thing that makes an impression to the humans. This color is dependent upon the cut of the diamond, as cut absorbs light and reflects it with a specific color.

It is ranked second in the list of 4C’s for a reason. A human detects sparkle first and then color. However, you will get increased color grades with higher prices. Simply you need to browse the highest color grade within your budget. For better guidance about loose diamonds especially for engagement ring mountings, visit


Clarity involves detecting miniature and natural imperfections, which is invisible unless professional magnification. This is the reason why it is listed as third.

Tiny imperfections in the diamond are termed as inclusions. On basis of these inclusions, clarity grades are decided. Over here, the pricing factor remains the same as that of previous ones. If there are fewer inclusions, then prices and clarity grades are higher.


Being one of the most prominent factors, carat is often confused with size. Rather, carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Carat weight is thoroughly dependent upon diamond’s cut. If the carat weight of diamond is lower then it will appear larger with higher cut grades.

If you have a limited budget, then consider purchasing a diamond with little lower than your ideal carat, then you can get the most out of your purchase.

Consider all these factors while buying loose diamonds and you’ll surely become a smarter shopper of diamonds. Moreover, you can also check if there is any authorized certificate for the diamonds.


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