All about the wonder park in Nerul

Nerul wonder park

This happens to be one of the major theme parks in Mumbai, with an ample amount of open space. Though the entry fee to this place is 35Rs, there are separate toy trains along with a host of other rides which is not included in the entry fees. You need to take into consideration that the park is closed every Monday with respect to maintenance.  There is a food court too, along with the presence of seven miniatures of the world which is one of the major wonders of this park. Wonder park Nerul presents an opportunity for a lot to be explored and this can be determined by the open spaces in the park. If these are developed they can contribute to the attraction of the park in a better way.

Though in this place you can have a great time with your friends, but the rides are costly. So, if you are a little tight on budget, then a visit to this place is expected to through your finance way out of gear. But one thing for sure it is enjoyable and worth a visit for sure. The garden is huge and the whole place is refreshing where you can hang out with your family. This is coupled with the fact that there is a good play area for the kids as well. The rides are nice and the whole area is maintained and kept clean. You are bound to be amazed by the seven miniatures of the world and the kids are bound to be thrilled with the amazing toy train ride. The kids after the rides can go on to play in the playground, though the place is not that much lighted after dark. If you are craving for some food, then expect to spend a reasonable amount of time waiting in a line as there is only one in this place. After coming back from the Park, you can always go on to take a ride on the horse carts.

If you are on the lookout for spending an evening with your family or kids, then there is no better place than this. The lawns are kept clean and tidy with the presence of proper sanitation facilities. There is ample amount of parking space for both public along with private vehicles. On one side of the park you can come across the crows bathing and on the other side is the amphitheatre which is also a rare sight. There is ample amount of sit outs where the elders can sit so that they do not face any difficult situation in the future. Once again, since there is an entry fee and a separate fee for the rides the fact of the matter is that the park is kept neat and tidy always.

The play area of the kids has a host of interesting options like rock climbing, or rope ladders. If it is properly lit up the orange area would go on to resemble a new look of sorts. This situation is the same for the fountains and the whole park in general. If lights are better it is bound to change the whole look of the park.

To sum it up this is not a park, but in a lot of ways more than a park.


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