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Here are the things that interior designing experts mess up with before choosing curtains especially for a living room.

Here, You are not looking curtains idea for your living room but for your most lived-in room in your home.But why curtains are a must for any room? Why curtains are  first thing experts focus? because Curtains and blinds are first things eyes pay attention to.It gets everybody’s attention and appreciation if well interiorly decorated.

Curtains and blinds are the first thing that attracts. Choosing the right curtain color, fabric, length, style, and the texture will make it way more beautiful and draw together the entire look.

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one more important thing that experts stick to in curtains selection for the living room is its utility or functionality. Home decor ideas vary expert to expert but all choose the curtains that allow proper lighting and also provides some privacy and natural feel.

Here is the experts round-up for this question

We met some of interiors designer at local curtain store and asked them all the questions. We drafted all into a synopsis for you. So…

Privacy or Transparency?

For complete privacy, Blackout curtains are thermal and light insulator but not used in living rooms because sunlight makes your place more alive and natural in the daytime. So now depending on your living room size choose curtains that filter out enough light.sheer curtains are the perfect fit because they allow more light into your space.
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Noise redundancy?

Unlike blackout curtains, lining curtains will help you in solving this problem. They will provide both some sort of privacy and noise redundancy.


For an aesthetic formal look use heavy silk and crinkle crushed velvet fabric. Cotton fabric gives a neat and clean look and feel.

Which color?

The first thing to decide is whether you want your curtains color to mix with other interiors or you want curtains colors to pop up. Now choose from color pallets.Use curtains of the same color as the wall but little dark or use the same color as of rugs. Remember light color illuminate more with sunlight and feel windy whereas dark color feels more heavy and grounding. Pick a color that you love to live with.

Printed curtains or Solid Color Curtains?

It’s simple for patterned furniture and wallpapers to use solid colors and if vice versa use printed curtains.

Tips: – Heavy sunlight fades away bright color so use light colors.

Washing or Dry cleaning?

One practical aspect is washing. I know it is really hectic but living room curtains are more prone to dust. If you can go with dry cleaning then opt heavy fabric curtains like velvet or cotton curtains. linen fabric washable curtains if you are washing friendly or use heavy fabric curtains if opt dry cleaning.

Curtains Measurement


Before start measuring, decide where you want curtains hanging panel. Hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. Designers often hang curtains about 8 inches above the window frame.


half window curtains or full window curtains. In both cases consider adding both 4 to 8 inches on both sides for complete covering.

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