Top Caring Tips For Traveling With Your Cats In Cars

Cats In Cars in carrier

Many people have this confusion whether to take your cats or not when travelling with your family. It’s not easy leaving the pet behind when you go on a trip. I know that it’s not because you don’t want to take your pet cat with you, but because you might have heard of a lot of scary stories from people about car rides with their cats.

You also might have had some bitter experience in the past, while taking your cats along for a ride. Do cats hate to travel? The answer would be NO, if you can make your cat comfortable by making proper arrangements for them. You can travel without any hassles, and you can see your cat enjoying the wonderful ride with you showing all the possible signs of a happy cat.

Cats and Cars!

Like our kids, animals link situations with their experience. The experience of your cats with cars would have been when they were separated from their dear ones or when you took him to a Veterinarian for medical treatments.

Trust me; this was not fun for them. No wonder the cats are not happy about the journey in cars.  Instead of supporting this horror, what we can think of is, to make the cat happy with a happy ride. All you want to see is your cat sleeping with their paws tucked under during the journey, and that’s one among the signs of a happy cat.

This guide will give you tips to make your trip happy with your cat.

1. The Carrier

I want to notice you that letting the cats move freely in the car is not all a good idea and can be extremely dangerous because you will not be able to focus on the drive. You should choose the pet carrier in such a way that it has proper ventilation and space. Space should be enough for the cat to turn around, stand up and lie down comfortably. It should not restrict the free movement of your pet. I suggest you should fasten the carrier to the car so that it does not slide or move.

Another important thing that the bed or blanket that your pet normally use and her favorite toys should be taken along. You can keep the carriers in such a way that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. It’s always better not to leave the carriers inside the car when you’re leaving. You can consider to carry it with you.

2. Pack Extra Supplies

You don’t want your pet hungry during the trip, right? You should feed your cat well before the travel and don’t forget to take extra supplies of food and water with you. Any medical aid required should also be carried. In the case of long trips, I will remind you to frequently stop every 2 to 3 hours to feed your cat.

You can also use anti-motion sickness medications after consulting your vet to help settle the cat’s stomach.

Cats In Cars cat carrier

3. Check Pet Accommodations well in Advance

When you book your hotel room, tell the authorities to check whether cats are allowed. Not all the hotels will allow pets. Of course, selecting a pet-friendly hotel matching your budget is a good idea. When staying at the hotel, I always keep the litter box in the bathroom of your hotel room with a towel under the pan to minimize the mess.

While on travel, you should give your cat access to litter box once in at least 2 hours.

4. Arrange Practice Trips for your Cats

Anyone, including humans, can be car sick. Before taking your cat for long journeys, this sickness can be overcome only by regular small practice travels to make them accustomed to traveling. This can be done a couple of times until you and your cats become confident that long rides are possible with your cats.

Cats In Cars top secret kitty

5. Proper Identification

It is very important that you have proper neck tags or other means of identification securely fastened to the cat. We might not even imagine our pets would get loose or become lost while on a journey. But it is our responsibility to we have a proper mechanism in place for identifying our pets.

Mark the carrier with a live animal label so that in the case of any unexpected accidents or separation, people can easily know that animal is live inside the carrier. Carry all the possible cat records with you.  One copy can be carried with you, another one in the car and a third one can be pinned to the carrier. This is probably a good time to make a mention to a resource that I deem as very valuable for reading more on traveling with cats; so, check out pawsome kitty’s cat blog for more info and let me know what you think!

6. Special Arrangements for Hyperactive Cats

If your cat is hyperactive, it’s always safe to give sedation with the help of a vet. If you are planning to sedate it is always good to do it well before you start your ride. In the case of any signs of stress that you notice in your pet, it’s better to consult a Vet and then decide further course of action.

7. Checklist of Supplies

You don’t want to leave any necessary thing at home, do you? So, everything you should do is create a checklist with all possible things to be carried for your journey. It should include the essentials like food and fresh water, bowls, clean cat litter, grooming tools, medications if required, first aid kits, extra identification cards, Poop Bags, extra blanket or towels, etc.

When you travel with your baby, you will take extra care and take all possible things to make the baby comfortable, right? Traveling with your cat is not different from this.

When you take breaks in between the journey, it’s safe to let your cat venture out of its carrier for some time if required, but be extremely careful and vigilant, as a stressed out cat because of travel might try to escape at the first chance it gets. That is why having proper identification right in place is very important. Identification will help you locate you cats easily.

Traveling with your pets can be fun. But that can be made practical by only careful planning and practice. The only thing to focus on is to make your pet comfortable by giving proper care. Then you will be stress-free and can focus on the journey and make it memorable and enjoyable. Don’t be too much worried about the cat. Hope this guide will help you keep your cat safe on your next trip. Try this out and share your comments.


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