A Duo Of House Changes You (And Future Buyers) Will Love

House Changes feature wall in kitchen



Unless you have found your (almost mythical sounding) “forever home”, you find yourself in two minds about what to do with your house.

On one hand, it’s your home. The choices that you make are yours, relating entirely to your own experience, and making it the best place possible for you to live. On the other hand, it’s likely that one day you will be packing up and leaving, so you have to keep in mind what a future buyer might like. You, for example, may seem no harm in painting every available wall space a vibrant red – but will a future buyer see it the same way?

The best solution to this conundrum is to bring the two desires together. What can you do to improve your home and make it the space you love – but that will also delight any future buyers? When it comes to getting your house ready for sale, you don’t want to have a huge renovation project on your hands to tear down all the things you have lovingly built up. So here’s a few home improvements that you’ll love for as long as you live there – but that won’t make any future buyers run for the hills.

#1 – Feature Walls

Any guide on how to sell your home will tell you to use a neutral color scheme. If, however, the word ‘neutral’ is synonymous with ‘boring’ for you, then you have two options. You can go wild with the colors you want and acknowledge that it’s going to require a redecoration when the time to sell comes around, or you can try and limit your impulses.

Feature walls are a great way of getting the color you want without putting buyers off. Future buyers won’t worry too much about having to redecorate a single wall they don’t like; it’s a far less intimidating proposition than having to go through the entire house. So go wild on one wall out of four per room, while keeping the remaining thing a nice, calm, neutral (sorry – boring…) color.

#2 – Eco-Friendly Changes

House Changes solar panels on roof


A home that is more eco-friendly opens your scope for buyers. If you have potential buyers who take their eco concerns seriously and your home would need adapting to their tastes, then you rule yourself out by the time they have even stepped foot in the door. If, instead, you do have a few eco-friendly adaptations, then you keep those potential buyers and you’re not going to put off anyone who doesn’t list ecology at the top of their concerns.

The most obvious investment that will benefit you and fuel sales is solar panels. You can find a local solar installation company to help fit something that will work for you while bringing a smile to the face of any future buyer. It’s also a good idea to make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals on the soil and switch to low-energy lighting wherever possible.

By making the above adaptations and choices in your home, you get the best of both worlds. You can love your home and benefit from its improvements, while safe in the knowledge that any potential buyers will have the same feelings. It’s the very definition of a win/win.


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