Family Camping: Things To Know Before You Go!

Family Camping: Things To Know Before You Go!

Do you want a change from the normal routine you follow every day? Do you feel it’s time to take a break and go somewhere out, close to the Mother Nature, somewhere away from the rushes of the city?

Camping with family is a wonderful thing to do to relax and get relieved from daily work stress. But a lot of times we end up spoiling the trip because of lack of proper planning. You can make your camping out an awesome experience by keeping in mind some basic things as follows:

Camping Site

Choosing the right place for camping is the first and foremost step to do to make your trips enjoyable. It’s always better to check with people who you know well and who often go camping with their family. You can even rely on the internet for rural areas to check the review of nearby fun places for camping out.

  • Go to a place, which is well drained and sheltered, because it reduces the risk involved.
  • Choose a beautiful calm place or breezy area with trees around so that you feel comfortable during your stay.
  • After you select the camping site, check the weather forecast to get an idea about the climate in the area to make additional preparation if it rains or there is snow fall.
  • If you are going with small kids, always choose a safe place.

The details of camping sites will be available at your nearest national parks. An advantage of choosing the location through your national parks is that they will provide amenities like Wi-Fi, grills, showers, etc.

Family Camping tents under trees

Camping Tent

The next step after selecting the camping site is getting a safe and durable camping tent. The choice of camping tent plays a very key role in adding comfort during your stay. There are umpteen camping tents available in the market in various material and shapes. The camping tents should be selected based on the number of people it should accommodate; two people, four people, six people, etc.

You should choose the shape of the tent carefully so that you and your family can stay with comfort inside. A light and durable material which can withstand extreme temperature based on the camping site are a good choice. The camping tent should be easy to carry and set up on the site. The poles should be strong enough to withstand the storm and should be installed properly and tightly fitted.

There are camping tents available with weather proof, water proof and sun proof material from which you can choose the one matching your budget and the weather condition of the camping site. Make sure you conduct a dry run of setting up your camping tent before you start the journey. In addition, you should remember to carry a repair kit with you.

Family Camping packing

Packing the Right Things

When you pack, your bags don’t load it with a lot of unnecessary stuff. Prepare a checklist of the things to carry during your trip. Depending on the no of days, sufficient clothes should be packed for you and your family members. Always have an extra pair of outfits for your kids.

The place can be dark during the night. So you will have to make arrangements for lighting up the area where you are camping. Pack flashlights with extra batteries, emergency lights, wood, newspaper, and matches to make fire. A sleeping bag is an essential component to being carried, which will give you a good sleep. It’s available in various shapes and in a variety of material which can keep you warm and comfortable. Check out the best police flashlight by clicking the link.

You also need to take sufficient quantity of drinking water and food for you and your family members. Planning your meal well in advance will avoid confusions. Since you will not be able to spend a lot of time cooking during camp outs, carry canned and tin food, bread, etc. which will not add additional weight to your packing. I suggest bringing items which will not get spoiled and are easy to cook. Of course, sufficient number of tissues and napkins, plates and other necessary utensils are should be packed with.

Every time going out, you should make sure to close the camping tent’s windows and pack the the remained food remnants.

  1. First Aid Kit: It’s true that nothing can be done to predict accidents. But it’s always important that you are prepared to manage injuries and wounds, especially, when you have small kids. To make it very simple, carry a first aid kit with Antiseptic pads and plasters, gauze pads, Always carry distilled water, antiseptic cream, Painkillers, cough syrups, scissors, and thermometers. If you are planning to make your camp out more adventurous, prepare your first aid kit considering the complexities of the activities like skiing, trekking, etc.
  2. Additional packs: Don’t forget to take the usual stuff like your toothbrush and paste, soap, towel, Sanitizers to keep you clean. To make your trip enjoyable, you can pack portable chairs, books and cooler, not to mention, your camera to capture the fun moments and binoculars. Always carry sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the sun.

If your kids are really small, carry their favorite toys too, in case they are bored you can plan some games with them to keep them engaged.

Along with other stuff you can carry a mosquito and bug repellent sprays to keep the outdoor pest away. If you are choosing to camp out near the forest, then beware of the wild animals.

Trekking and camping outs with dear ones can always be thrilling. Activities like fishing, skiing,etc. will add more fun to your trip.  If you’re fully equipped with fishing rods from Total Fishing Tackle then your whole family will be ready for the best catch yet! Remember that you might not have network coverage in the area and communication will become a major headache. Communicate to your family members well in advance to avoid tension.

The only thing it takes is a bit of planning and being prepared well in advance. You can make your trips memorable by having a little common sense and by applying some logic. When you camp out, you relax and enjoy your trip and have a good time with your family without any worries.

Hope the article was informative, try these tips and share your feedback.


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