The Most Optimal Material for Balustrade in Public Places: Glass

Balustrade grand entry way

Balustrades are a common and basic feature in various public and commercial spaces such as malls, bars, discotheques, restaurants, swimming pools, and so on. Although these balustrades are available in varying materials such as metal, wood, plastic, etc., glass is one of the most commonly used material nowadays. Modern buildings inculcate glass in barriers either as infill panels or as more popularly as the barrier itself. The glass balustrades are all the rage. Hence, its installation takes place in many commercial buildings for a number of reasons.

Features of Glass Balustrade

The qualities of a glass balustrade that set it apart from other materials for commercial use include the following:

  1. Aesthetic

A balustrade made of glass has a more aesthetic appeal than the ones made of plastic, wood, or metals such as steel and aluminum and so on. Owing to its high style factor, people install it in various commercial buildings such as offices, malls, etc. to provide a favorable image to these buildings. Even if you are using laminated glass or toughened glass, you can add stylish fittings to it to increase its appeal. Another strong yet pleasing balustrade includes glass button balustrades or installing glass fences on stainless steel posts. The handrails offer the further convenience of use to the good look.

  1. Strength

Strength and durability are one of the major factors of a glass balustrade, especially in public places, which are prone to overcrowding. Hence, experts recommend these handrails at such public places to handle such pressure to be able to take about 1.5 KN/m. For malls and discotheques, it increases to about 3.0 KN/m as well.

Furthermore, glass balustrades are made of two varieties of material. One is the laminated glass where two panels of glass have an interlayer of resin or plastic. The other variant is toughened glass wherein a glass is heated to a high temperature of 700 degree Celsius and quenched which forms a strong layer around both sides of the glass. As the name suggests, a toughened glass is about four times stronger to impact that a regular glass and breaks safely, making it an optimal option for use in public places.

Balustrade Glass door

  1. Visibility

For places such as a balcony, staircase, or infinity swimming pools, which require a clear view, glass is the only optimal option. You can use it for the visibility purpose either in the interior of a building such as office cabins, boundaries of malls, etc. As well as, on the exterior of a building such as at swimming pools and staircases. Such glass balustrades serve the dual purpose of visibility along with the style owing to its elegance and pleasing look.

How to Choose the Right Variant

Considering these features, glass seems like the most optimal material for balustrades in public places. The strength, style, quality, and other facets of this material suits commercial, corporate, as well as other recreational buildings and places needs. Make sure, that you hire a reputable and trusted company for the supply as well as for the installation of such balustrades. A trusted service ensures installation of a quality glass balustrades. It is the most important factor while installation in public places, which are prone to the risk of breaking. This makes it crucial to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality of the product. Also, make sure to choose the optimal height, width, and material of the glass depending on the place where you wish to install it. An expert in the area can help you with this.


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