Secrets Of Great Kerb Appeal

flowers in pot curb appeal


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If you’re trying to get your home ready for sale, you’ve probably heard a lot about “kerb appeal”; encompassing everything from your front door to the street, and totally essential to attracting people who are in the market for a home. As important as kerb appeal is to your chances of a sale, it doesn’t take any big, sweeping changes to make some dramatic improvements to the front of your house. Here are just a few secrets to brilliant kerb appeal…

Use Containers

When your front lawn needs a refresh, containers can often be the ideal answer. The style of the containers themselves really doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is where they go. Positioning your plant containers carefully can draw people’s gaze to a certain area, for example the front door. If you’ve got a flower border on your front lawn, try placing a large, attractive pot right in the centre, aligned with the front door if you were standing directly in front of the house. This will make the property look and feel immediately more inviting. In the spring and summer, red geraniums can look gorgeous when contrasted with bright yellow flowers, such as daffodils and pansies. If you’ve got anywhere suitable for creepers, you may want to plant some variegated ivy to make your front lawn look more full and vibrant.

Highlight the Home’s Address

address 69 on black ship

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Full of potential for both practicality and personality, your house numbers will not only tell visitors where they are, they’ll also exert the overall mien of the home. Think about the kinds of people who would be attracted to your home, and then create an address with a look that will appeal to them. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Create house numbers with scavenged, recycled materials for a greener, more eclectic look, or match an understated door with more conventional, refined-looking numbers. If you have a named house, you may also want to spell it out with some metal letters. Remember, the placement of these isn’t limited to the front door and the area around it. You can make your home stand out from the others on your street by planting your numbers in the front lawn, or mounting them on a retaining wall near your drive.

Makeover your Mailbox

address number 20 on mailbox

Image: Pixabay

In a lot of suburban homes, it’s the classic standing mailbox that usually sparks the first impression. This can give visitors a warm welcome, or a callous cold shoulder. You can start sprucing up a tired mailbox by clearing away any of the weeds growing around it. Getting some ornamental grass can create a nice background, maiden grass in particular. Getting a small evergreen shrub in a plant somewhere around it can also make a mailbox much more inviting. You may want to add house numbers to the post, a brass post cap, or maybe some more out-of-the box decorative items like copper tubing. As long as you don’t make the mailbox too garish, decorating it like this can make a huge difference.


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