How to choose the right skirt for your body

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Are you not in the mood to wear a dress or pair of pants? You should opt for a skirt that flatters your body shape.  There are many different types of skirts, which makes it harder to find the right one for you.

Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best skirt for your needs:

Identify the different styles available

There are many skirt choices in the market, which means that you have to know each one to choose correctly. The different types include:

Pleated skirts – this classic style is good for sports but can also be worn in casual and formal settings.

Pencil skirt – this skirt is classy and slim. If you opt for dark colors and choose a hemline that is just above the knee, you will definitely feel and look great.

A-line – this skirt is shaped like the letter A and can be worn in any length.

Peasant – this style is billowing, layered, and often three-quarter length.

Fishtail – with a slim waist, this skirt billows around the hips and narrows down at the knees then flares again at the heels; it is shaped just like a mermaid.

Handkerchief – this skirt has graduated hem lengths as well as a diagonal hem cut.

Shop for your figure type

The following tips will come in handy when shopping for different figures:

Short figure – the best skirt for short figures are usually tapered slim skirts and A-line skirts.

However, as a short person, you need to avoid stiff A-lines that will make you look squat. The ideal length for you is around the knee because choosing skirts that are too long or short will just make you appear shorter.

Thick waist – do you have a thick mid-section? You need to wear a skirt that draws attention to your legs. Just be sure to avoid skirts with too many embellishments around the waist area.

Curvy figure – if your figure is curvy, you need to wear skirts with subtle tapering. Wraparounds and A-line skirts are the best option. Moreover, you should choose skirts with a flat front as well as back or side zippers. If you are short with curves, you should opt for an off-center slit to draw attention to your legs instead of your curves.

Boyish figure – most skirts are suitable for this kind of figure. However, if you think that your legs are too skinny, you should consider wearing a long skirt with some buttons along the front. Pleating is also good for covering slim hips.

Bottom-heavy figure – this figure can be flattered by A-line skirts or wraps. The good news is that skirts will flatter your figure more than pants will. Avoid pleating and pockets because they will just make you appear bulkier.

Thick ankles – if your ankles are thick, you should wear skirts that are loose and long then pair them with above-the-ankle boots. Skirts that have hem detail or flare in the lower half will only draw the eye to your ankles; do your best to avoid them.

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Choose the right fabric

According to the owner of Millstrand co, the type of fabric that you choose can make or break your outfit. For instance, choosing a silk skirt for a sports event will not work well. For this reason, you need to consider the versatility of a certain fabric before choosing to buy it.

The most common fabric is cotton as it can be worn to almost any occasion: work, evening date, and sporting events. Silk skirts, on the other hand, can only be worn to the office and a few casual occasions.


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